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Enoteca Sociale or Campagnolo ?

Not sure what the buzz is about. Been to Campognolo twice (last time was very recent) and Enoteca only once, but never again.

Campagnolo was great when they first opened, but seems to have gone downhill since. Their newest menu is unimaginative and borderline tasteless. Spaghetti with Crab- crab was chewy and why have white on white? The braised beef croquette: Braised beef had no flavor whatsoever. Everything else was too salty. One gem in the pack is the Pineapple/Coconut/Marshmellows ice cream.

Enoteca was a total disaster when we went there last year. The chef wasn't there and it really showed. Still shaking our heads about that experience.

For a city that has over 1million Italians, Toronto needs better Italian restaurants.

Recommendations for 'best' Parisian style bakery in Toronto/GTA

You must be kidding, right? Best in Toronto doesn't even come close to Paris. Try Rahier, Thobort or Ma Maison in Etobicoke.

1586 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4G, CA

Ma Maison
4243 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M8X, CA

Best macarons in Toronto?

Tried Ruelo also. No dice. Anyone who puts food coloring is automatically disqualified in my books & standards. I found the ones at Ruelo to be sub-par for several reasons: a) use of food colorant, b) shell was soggy, c) interior too creamy, d) not bursting with the flavors you expect, e) they were not displayed in a cool place. Sorry.

550 Hwy 7 E, Richmond Hill, ON L4B, CA

Best macarons in Toronto?

I didn't say Thomas Haas was better than Laduree. I said they are the best I've had between Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

Viva Napoli on Mt. Pleasant

Very disappointing. This wasn't a Neapoletan style pizza by any stretch of the imagination.
For a place that calls itself Viva Napoli and brags about cooking the pizza at under a minute, this was a disaster. For background, I have been to Naples and sampled the real deal at numerous places there, and have become a VPN afficionado over the years.
So, we went there a few days after they opened, and tried 2 pizzas- 1) the margherita (that's a staple...if they can't do that one well, the rest will follow), 2) we got suckered into the most expensive one on the menu- for $20 the one with apples in it.
Ok, I'll give them a B+ for creativity on ingredients, C for taste, and will totally flank them on the pizza dough, mozza & sauce. Give me a was a if the dough did not rise properly or whatever they did to it, it had no taste whatsoever.
I'm forgetting this place as quickly as I found out about it. Sorry.

Best macarons in Toronto?

To start with, the gold standard for macaroons is Laduree where I've had them numerous times. That said, no one in Toronto makes great macaroons. They are difficult to make & you can't cut corners with food coloring or the type of eggs white being used. We tried all of the ones mentioned here in desperation. None of them are close. The best ones however are at Thuet's and only if they haven't been sitting there for a week (which can happen). Better than Thuet's & the best in Canada & closest to Laduree are the ones at Thomas Haas in Vancouver. (we were disappointed with Montreal too).

609 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1M5, CA

La Societe Bistro

We have been there several times already (5 to be exact). It's the most beautiful restaurant in Toronto. The decor & ambiance are addictive if you like the bistro/brasserie environment & the staff is nice although you can feel their pressure when the place starts hoping. The patio upstairs is an instant classic.
Food wise, it is what it is. Don't expect to be amazed nor totally disappointed. Go there for the fun of pretending you're in Paris for a few moments. The French fries are to kill for, and they serve a very fresh (new) Kronenburg 1664 Blanc on tap which is excellent. The wine list is ambitious with good & bad choices and lots of Vintages items at a X3 markup (choking). The seafood platters could be more creative & the steaks could be improved. The sourdough bread is excellent. White chocolate toppings creme brûlée also is very good.
The bar/lounge area is gorgeous. If your food expectations are average, you will have a good time there because the scene is part of the experience. It's a restaurant that has a personality.

Ici Bistro... also over there

We went there recently & tried just about everything on the menu in small portions. All the flavors were solid & plates very well executed. Highlight was the braised beef & mushroom ravioli with artichoke's puree. Only minor disappointment was they substituted black cod for mackerel without telling us, til we called their bluff, but it was very good nonetheless. The deserts could be improved to match the food standards. The wine list has great surprises you will not find anywhere else in Ontario, especially with wines from the Okanagan. Overall, an excellent place. We'll return for sure.