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Blackstrap BBQ – Verdun

I have only been to Blackstrap once for takeout (this past Sunday night) and was not impressed. Dry and cold slices of brisket...overly vinegary/tangy/bitter tasting sauces, cole slaw and greens. I might go back to try something else one day but am not in a rush.

Best pizza in MTL

I used to really like Bonora and had a tradition of ordering it almost every Friday night when getting together with friends who lived in my apartment building while I was living in CSL but found that it wasn't as good once there were new owners, even before they moved.

Amelio's was the place a certain gang of friends wanted to go to to all the time more often up till a few years ago. I liked it but had some trouble digesting the sauce.

Tried the Boston Pizza in LaSalle once. It was bland but not terrible, and I've had better frozen ovenable/microwavable pizzas. I'll have Dominos once in a while. Pizza Hut is an instant quick acting laxative to me.

Casa Maura on Somerled makes great big flat pizzas that are better as an appetizer for a group to share than as a meal in itself.

I prefer softer to harder breaded pizzas but like...ummm...forget the name...know there's one off St. Laurent where there's a wedge at an intersection and another on McGill below Notre Dame.

I work near Manzo's, so it's convenient for calling in orders to pick up at lunch. I think their subs are more popular with coworkers, but I prefer the pizza...Manzo's special, well done, lighter on the cheese. Not saying it's Montreal's best, but it's my local favorite and is very good.

As for which pizza is best? Not going to swear by any one specific place's pizza because I pretty well only get pizza in LaSalle or downtown/plateau areas...moved from CSL.

201 Rue Milton, Montreal, QC H2X1V5, CA

Bonora Restaurant
6447 Av Somerled, Montreal, QC H4V1S4, CA

Montreal smoked meat--The Main v. Schwartz's

The Main used to be really good consistently a long time ago. I have to say that the last time I went there was the last time for me! The meat was gnarly fatty and part of it had green coloring. Schwartz's is overrated but usually very good. It hasn't gone down in quality like The Main, Dunn's and Ben's (years before it closed) have/had...or like non-smoked meat places like Magnan's and Chalet BBQ have with their respective specialties. Chenoy's is decent and safe, from what I tasted, but the one I used to go to in LaSalle closed down. Tried Le Roi once and eeehhhnnnn...standard general bit of everything type restaurant fare. I don't mind Snowdon Deli but find its meat is dryer than most of the other places. I would have said the Reuben's on Ste, Catherine near Peel was the single best place for smoked meat, but it has not been as consistently good as of late, so I'd say that it's sort of a tie between Schwartz's and that Reuben's as to which is the best, depending on when you go, who cuts the meat, how hungry you are, etc. I haven't been to the other non-affiliated Reuben's a bit further East in ages. Don't get me started on how bad Nickel's is!

Chenoy's Restaurant
170 Rue De La Visitation, Saint-Charles-Borromee, QC J6E4N3, CA