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Jerk-D-Licious, Jerk-A-Licious, whatever... Is it gone?

I drove by twice in the last month. All papered over and the sign is gone. They had some of the nicest jerk. Not many places with a real 'Southern Pride' smoker in the kitchen in Toronto. None left in the east end as far as I know.

Is It OK to Leave Butter on the Kitchen Counter?

I tried that but couldn't quite pull my legs in.

Worst thing eaten this year in Toronto??!!

Worst for me is certainly Chopstick House 1780 Markham Road north of Sheppard. The place looks new (it is) and clean. I ordered Ginger Chicken, steamed rice and Hot and Sour Soup to go around October 24th.
The chicken came with some hints of real ginger but unfortunately, the flavour of it didn't make it into the meat. Still not bad. The rice looked good but was so overly salty I couldn't eat half of it. The soup... if that's what that cloudy bland liquid was, had only one flavour. Corn starch. Down the drain is where that went.
A total waste of money. Some places deserve a second chance but since they dare to claim their food is the BEST in the city, I'll just buy a burrito next door instead from now on.

Dodgiest looking restaurant you've been to but turned out to be a winner (or least better than expected)

Would that be Allwyn's Bakery? 1277 York Mills Rd.

Very tasty jerk chicken. It's a tiny place. takeout only. I've only had the sandwiches there. Next time will be the plate with rice and peas.

Dodgiest looking restaurant you've been to but turned out to be a winner (or least better than expected)

MMM. Delicious jerk pork with gravy on the rice and peas and some of the worst coleslaw anywhere. I love the place. Their hot sauce is great too.

Litehouse Freeze Dried Herbs

Can't remember where I bought mine but it was either Metro or Loblaw's Superstore in Scarborough.

Litehouse Freeze Dried Herbs

I've bought the Basil, Oregano and Chives. The chives, I haven't tried yet. Their oregano and basil are the best dried herbs I've tried. I usually prefer fresh but I am happy with the quality. Remember, about 3/4 of the price is for the container that it comes in. I've only seen these 3 types from Litehouse.

Diana's Seafood opening restaurant

Finally made it there last week. It's a smaller place inside than I expected. They could easily fill more tables at dinnertime. I have to say the crab cake seemed a bit dry and needed more of a sauce on the side. Tasty just the same. The New England Clam Chowder was fantastic. Best I've ever had. I chose the Catch of the Day which was pickerel with couscous, asparagus and a grilled pineapple slice. The fish was cooked just right. Asparagus was too tough to eat and the pineapple slice was beautifully sweet yet comes uncored so you have to eat around it. I'll be back for salmon next time and more of that wonderful chowder.

Scarborough To-Do List - What have I missed? What SHOULD I miss?

I suggest you keep driving by Basilico and go to Primo. It's at Pharmacy and Sheppard.

Scarborough Gems

Boy I remember the Tulip. I used to love their Roast Beef Mondays, Stuffed Pepper Wednesdays and Pork Chop Thursdays. Amazing value and tasty food. I thought it all went downhill after they expanded and had poorly trained staff. I hope it's back to normal.

What Food Trend are You So Sick Of?

Cupcakes for sure. But more for me is the ever increasing use of cilantro. So many recipes I've seen on TV recently look great and then at the end in goes a HANDFUL of it. I like some in a salsa but sometimes it's the main ingredient. Or so it tastes. Enough!

where is the best fish and chips in Toronto/GTA??

I've never had wine with fish and chips. But Ive had lots : ) of Jackson Triggs 2010 Black Label Sauvignon Blanc with salmon fillets. Pretty good for $14 a bottle.

Shawarmas in Toronto

I must have been to Ibrahim's on a good or slow day. It wasn't too messy. But the food wasn't as good.
SE was pretty busy and looked like it had 2 days worth of slopped stuff all over their front counter from all the toppings. Dirty, maybe not. I'll try again. I usually get a falafel or two just so I can have a vegetarian meal I enjoy once in a while.

Shawarmas in Toronto

Normally I go to Nasib's. But I've been thinking it looked a bit run down lately. So I walked over to Shwarma Empire. I was amazed at the messy conditions they were in and hot footed it out. Over to Ibrahams I went and had a pretty good meal. I'm back going to Nasib's for the foreseeable future.

Best Jerk Chicken SANDWICH in Toronto

This is a great place for a jerk sandwich. That's all I've had from here. Beware the noon crowd of students. It gets very busy!

where is the best fish and chips in Toronto/GTA??

Sorry Googs, I haven't been keeping up with this site. I've had HS twice and was pleased. I've been to My Place about 10 times and have been very pleased. They have wine and beer although I admit I haven't checked out the wine list. Not sure what wine goes well with malt vinegar. ; )

Okaaaaaaay, we get it. HOLIMA CHINESE FOODS really is the best chop suey delivery joint in west Scarborough

My parents would drive there in the 60's. Egg rolls, honey garlic ribs. I drive by regularly. Maybe I should try again. I'll skip the ribs tho.

California Sandwiches coming to Scarborough

Yes, even peppers on the same plant can very somewhat. But I think it's a quantity thing here. Anyway I was back Friday and had an excellent veal with cheese and onions that really hit the spot. And as I type I'm having a meatball sandwich. I hadn't had one in years.

Even in odd hours like 2:30 the place has hungry customers arriving. Now if they would just open another further east!

California Sandwiches coming to Scarborough

I was in at 11:15 Monday and there were several customers waiting or eating in there already. A few faces behind the counter were familiar from other stores plus a lot of new hires. I was there to pick up for five hungry workmates who were all very familiar with CS.

So ...... the consensus was........ GREAT but needed more peppers and more sauce. For the 1st day open, I was impressed and I love to be picky. My extra hot would have been 'hot' at the Claremont St. or Chesswood store. So I'll order ULTRAhot and see what that does. I know its likely a 'teething problem' every restaurant goes thru on opening. Anyway it was one BIG tasty sandwich better than any I have had in Scarborough. I hope they move further east soon.

And I'll be back on the weekend too!

Scarborough Gems

As for The Butcher Shop, the owners Tony and son Paul used to be in the Elaine Plaza on Eglinton at Danforth Road. Only vegetarians might hate the place. The Kingston Rd. store they moved to some years back is a meat eaters paradise. Closed Monday only. The best selection is usually after Tuesday or Wednesday in time for the weekend crowds. I've had a lot of great steaks and the best burgers made from their ground beef from them over the years. Oh and the chicken souvlakis! WOW!!

Scarborough Gems

I was back today (Bendale Plaza) for a $4.99 Lunch Special. The jerk chicken w/ rice & peas was really good. You can tell this chicken is actually slow cooked on the BBQ unlike the usual oven baked style. It was juicy not dried out. The rice was actually very good. I'm used to fairly bland stuff. A nice piece of plantain banana was included. It was a good tasty lunch. They have jerk beef, fried chicken, stewed chicken, ox tail, curry goat and various fish as well. But NO jerk pork. Dang! What's up with that? I've never been to the Markham Rd. store.

Whitby/Durham restaurants that don't suck

In my quest for great veal sandwiches, I made a trip to Belaggios and had a very tasty sandwich. Nicely breaded and crisp with a tasty sauce I suspect they make in store. A delicious layer of mashed up jalapeno peppers on the bottom (unusual). Could have used more. I like extra hot. Dollar for dollar, I was impressed. Three layers of veal, BTW.

While it's not Whitby, I then went to Sinatra's in Oshawa. Fresh made with 4 layers of tender veal. Somehow the flavour wasn't as good as Belaggios or California's and seemed a bit dry. Maybe a bad day? But the sandwich was big! I didn't notice what peppers where in it but it may even have been crushed chili flakes. More sauce and jalapenos, please.

Scarborough Gems

I tried a place called Spice It Up Jamaican Takeout on Lawrence Ave E. west of Bellamy Rd.

I saw an oil barrel type BBQ out in the parking lot so I had to try it. I was in a big hurry so I ordered only jerk chicken to go. I got a takeout container with a good amount of really tasty chicken. They are moving out of 633 Markham Rd. They have lots more than jerk chicken. I need to return for another fix. And I must ask about hot sauce for it. Funny it was spicy with flavour but not 'hot' spicy at all.

Nasib's would be on my list of favourites for falafels or shwarmas.

Another favourite is Babu Catering & Take Out at 4800 Sheppard Ave E. west of Shorting Road. It's take-out only there for South Indian and Tamil dishes. It's all fresh and can be quite spicy. It's the real thing after all. I love their hakka chicken and biryani rice for under $5 plus pop or juice. $7 for twice the meat. ; ) The chili chicken is really tasty but not nearly as hot. Also a big selection of vegetarian dishes that look really good. Can have a good line-up at mealtimes but it moves pretty quick. Oh and the parking is far from ideal due to so many food places in the immediate area. Some say the butter chicken is spicy there. I didn't think so but to each, their own.

1867 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON M1R2Y3, CA

where is the best fish and chips in Toronto/GTA??

I really liked High Street F&C but haven't been back in a year or so. Really good F&C at a small place on Painted Post at Markham Rd. The place is a bit of a dive but its good anyway.

The best I've had in a long, long time are at My Place Fish & Chips at 2577 Victoria Park Ave. in the strip mall just south of Johnny's Hamburgers. (South of Sheppard Ave.) Never greasy and done in a panko batter. Very friendly, clean place. The parking is a challenge after noon. Best to back into the spot for easy exit.

High Street
55 Underhill Dr, Toronto, ON M3A2J8, CA

California Sandwiches coming to Scarborough

I stopped by today (after Goody's Diner) and spoke to a pretty young lady at the door who assured me AUGUST 29 is the day. Inspection delays. So now a printed sign on the door says August 29.

She said maybe earlier if all works well. I won't hold my breath but who knows.

Goody’s Diner – Finally an Ontario candidate for Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives… and it’s in Scarborough

I finally made it to Goody's! I had the Steak Sandwich with fries. That was sure a tasty sandwich. The onions where deliciously caramelized. The steak was medium rare. One of the best steak sandwiches I've ever had. I'm not crazy about the fries (shoestring) but I ate them all anyway. Malt vinegar helps! : )

The service is exemplary. Genuine people and genuine food. What's not to like!

Next for me will be one of those amazing looking burgers they serve. I arrived about 11:45 and it soon started getting busy in a hurry. Cold beer too! I'll be back.

California Sandwiches coming to Scarborough

....crispy on the outside, saucy and huge--it was 3 or 4 layers of veal in most of the sandwich...

Oh don't stop! Don't stop! There go my knees! And I'm drooling again.

California Sandwiches coming to Scarborough

The paper is now off the windows. There's a bunch of square tables with chairs that look like they where just delivered. A big Pepsi cooler is waiting to be stocked. Summer will soon be over! I'm starved. Still no mention of hours or phone number on the website.

California Sandwiches coming to Scarborough

I tried Calabria on Midland Ave about 4 years ago. I can't recall exactly what it was like but probably like almost all I've tried, it's breaded and cooked with the lunch hour stack of cutlets then left laying in a pan of sauce for who knows how long. That alone keeps me from returning to most places. California does it one frying pan at a time. And its never left in sauce to go soggy. Primo Veal at Pharmacy & Sheppard do a pretty good veal. But I'm fussy about peppers and they don't have jalapenos like California Sandwiches.

I've heard Calabria has wood oven pizza.

New Five Guys Burgers Location coming soon!

I've been to Jetsuns 3 times. I think they are far better than Lick's and their frozen patties. And the fries are a lot better than 5 guys yet much fewer. Its also not overpriced.

$14+ for a cheeseburger fries and soda fountain pop is ridiculous so I don't think 5 guys will put anyone under any time soon.