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Birmingham is brunch-deprived.

Where do you like to go here? I find the choices lacking.

I wish there were also a few with great Saturday brunch.

Oct 03, 2009
BhamGuy in Central South

Moving to Birmingham, AL and need lots of advice (long)

I think Highlands is fabulous, to be sure.

Sep 12, 2009
BhamGuy in Central South

Moving to Birmingham, AL and need lots of advice (long)

Agreed that the Asian options here are extremely thin. My accountant in Boston was married to a Chinese guy and they used to take me into Chinatown and show me some amazing stuff.

But coming from Atlanta, I found Boston's food scene stuffy and underwhelming. It felt like you had to put on a sportcoat and spend $60 to get anything resembling a good meal. Atlanta was filled with fairly innovative options for under $25. That's another thread, though.

Sep 12, 2009
BhamGuy in Central South

stuff for a foodie in or near Brunswick, GA

I still think the Ga Pig has the best pork sandwich, anywhere. Just south of town at the I-95 exit. Did Alix Kenagy's place, Cargo, close? She was THE restauranteur in Atlanta in the 80s. I think she might have sold it.

Sep 12, 2009
BhamGuy in Southeast

Moving to Birmingham, AL and need lots of advice (long)

I can only respond briefly right now, but look forward to going into further detail later. I think in many ways you will find the cuisine of Birmingham more rewarding than that of Boston. I was honestly underwhelmed with many food categories in Boston - particularly Mexican and BBQ.

Atlanta's best Cuban Sandwich shop - Kool Korner, recently moved to Bham. Went this weekend and it was a B+/A-.

Satterfields is a joy - perhaps the best New American cooking in the city. I prefer it to Hot and Hot Fish Club by a good margin. Bellini's is quite good. Surin is great.

Everything Stitt does is wonderful, but Chez Fon Fon is my least fave of the four.

Ginza in the suburban Inverness area has great Korean and Sushi - best Asian value in the city.

Bettola is truly amazing Tuscan/wood-fired oven Italian. Rivals Bottega.

Ocean blows the Fish Market out of the water.

A new Vietnamese place - Saigon Noodle House - is pleasing me and all my friends.
Hamburger Heaven is the place to go for a burger and shake in the classic sense.

Taj India is a regional best.

Aug 31, 2009
BhamGuy in Central South

New to Savannah: Looking for good NON-chain places

I grew up west of Savannah, and I actually think The Lady and Sons is a quite good representation of food I grew up with. The hoecakes are exactly like my mom's, the vegetables are similar to my family's - I say give it a go.

My brother is a big fan of Olympia Cafe on River Street - I think it's just okay. Jazz'd was terrific, as were The Sapphire Grill, Elizabeth's, and Tango on Tybee Island. There's another place with two locations, one on Wilmington Island that's very good, let me see if I can dig up the name.

Sep 07, 2007
BhamGuy in Southeast