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Your current NYC favorites

That's exactly what I am looking for! Thankyou so much

And wow that is a long list of recommendations for scarpetta!

Uwsister - I did mean to say traditional English brekkie, some real good options on the menu at Breslin

The Breslin
20 W 29th St, New York, NY 10001

Jul 21, 2011
Jmore in Manhattan

Your current NYC favorites

That sounds delic for brekkie! After your suggestion i was thinking of squeezing in russ & daughters for a snack cuz my gf loves salmon (doubt she'd wanna do it for brekkie though)

Could you recommend anywhere nice for a big breakfast (bacon, egg, mushroom etc)
My old man is still under the impression he will never find a traditional brekkie in USA like we do here, would love to prove him wrong if u have any ideas?

Do you recommend any standouts at scarpetta?

Thanks for those other suggestions, they sound fun & different experience

Jul 21, 2011
Jmore in Manhattan

Your current NYC favorites

Sorry uwsister, I should have been more clear

Eliminating the 4 I already have for brekkie, what else would you choose for our final place?

Re comme ca - would love to know what you would place ahead of this in LA(sorry for discussing in manhattan thread, but only brought up as you mentioned could be better options)..

Pizza - yeh you're right sounds like a good idea, although much of a muchness really we don't mind traveling a couple extra mins

Haha yeh 500 isn't particularly cheap, i made the call by looking at the a la carte.. Which is prob what we do.. Unless u strongly recommend set menu?

Jul 21, 2011
Jmore in Manhattan

Your current NYC favorites

GEEZ.. thanks so much guys you replied so quickly!

just to clarify that there is 6 of us. However, we will have some meals on our own & probably be drinking as a party of 4.

BREAKFAST - so i narrowed it down to Locanda Verde, Shopsins, Patisserie Claude, Clinton St (but early in week).. so if you guys had one last breakfast in NYC - where and what would it be?

LUNCHES - got these pretty well locked down - as you said kathryn should have pizza for lunch but dont know how i could swap it in.. 1) Shake Shack (will be going "high end/restaurant" burger if you could call it that at Comme Ca in LA - so thought id opt with this rather than another sit down restaurant burger), 2) EMP, 3) katz pastrami on rye (although you recommend club over rye sam?), 4) Del Posto (purely for the bargain)

no preferred cuisines - but to eliminate, not particularly fond of Japanese + we do have some good Thai restaurants in Sydney.

1) Pizza (yet to be decided – leaning towards keste or motorino – just because lucali might be a pain to get to, no?)

2) Italian – ahh now I have too many suggestions haha (but thankyou for creating this problem)
So to narrow it down – if you had to have one Italian restaurant meal in nyc – where would it be?

3) wd50 - sgordon – thanks for bringing wd50 to my attention it also looks surprisingly cheap. I was always under the impression that wd50 was higher scale of $$. I think it will be a lock in

4) ? (will move Xi’an to a late night meal – rather than a meal for dinner.)
Which means I now have two more spots to fill. Any recommendations based on what your number 1 go-to restaurant would be OR one restaurant id need to experience?

5) ?

Patisserie Claude
187 W 4th St, New York, NY 10014

Del Posto
85 10th Avenue, New York, NY 10011

Locanda Verde
377 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10013

Jul 21, 2011
Jmore in Manhattan

Your current NYC favorites

Will be making a much needed trip to the states in sept & will be traveling with my gf, along with my brother & his partner, as well as the old folks.. Will have 5nights/dinners & breakfasts, only 4 lunches

Although we won't be doing everything together (different shopping tastes/destinations and different plans for visiting sites), we all enjoy the same food/restaurants which makes it pretty convenient -
would like to know everyones current picks of what they would in each category and what you would order... or what I could add if I'm missing something that should be included
+ indicates a place we are pretty set on
- are options we've come up with to fill in (but as mentioned, please do mention if we are missing something youd recommend)
If you agree with the +, please recommend a must Eat dish

We are prepared to spend $1 to $200 for a meal, as long as it's value for money, the service isn't f*@$ off bad (meaning we are willing to bare AVERAGE service - given the food will be top notch) and we are not spending time on a meal that could/should have been spent elsewhere... So here's where Your help would be greatly appreciated

1) Breakfast
+ Locanda verde (everything looks good)
+ Clinton st baking co (gf loves pancakes)
- Maialino (willing to give a go although my brother received terrible service @ breakfast)
- cookshop
- shopsins
- patisserie Claude or Ceci cela (for choc croissant)
- Joseph Leonard (breakfast sandwich)

2) lunches
+ burger: (shake shack/burger joint/db bistro moderne/minetta tavern... Could even be moved to a dinner before broadway show if another lunch recommended)
+ EMP (seems like a ridiculous deal + highly recommended by brother)
- del posto (lunch special)
+ Katz (pastrami on rye)

3) dinners
+ babbo
+ pizza (will probably have 2 pizza meals - looking at sit down meals - narrowed down to lucali/motorino/keste)
- Xian famous foods (was thinking for a quick meal before Yankees game)
- ???
- 1 high end dinner would be nice... Preferably not Asian Food

4) other food
Hot dogs, will fit one in somewhere (crif dogs or grays papaya?)
Gelato, will most probably be eating desserts at restaurants.. But will get round to one, so after reading good reviews so far, la cremeria
Chocolatiers, Kees + la maison
Beers, spuyten devil + dba... Burp castle + blind tiger + vol de nuit
Cocktails, open to any suggestions - nice place to hang out

Even if you can only respond to one part, your input is really appreciated

Joseph Leonard
170 Waverly Pl, New York, NY 10014

2 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10010

Jul 15, 2011
Jmore in Manhattan