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Lost in Translation ... Cassoulet

I realize this post is ancient, but I just came across it.

When I make the Williams-Sonoma/Thomas Keller slow cooker cassoulet, I always do it in the oven. Since the low setting of a slow cooker is roughIy 200 degrees, and high is 300 degrees, I bake at 250 degrees with good results. Serve with some Dijon mustard on the side (a cassoulet suggestion from Jacques Pepin). It's absolutely delicious, and I've made many cassoulets, including some from Pepin and Child.

Nov 10, 2013
jmspdx in Home Cooking

Patty Melt

I always use mayo to grill sandwiches after seeing Gabrielle Hamilton do it a couple of years ago. It's way better than butter, IMO. Higher smoke point, and you almost never end up with a scorched sandwich. And on this recipe, HouseSparrow, believe me, there is enough butter on those onions to provide "the best of both worlds."

I think because of the fattiness of the beef, cheese, and onions, I really wanted some acid on this. I know it's not traditional, but next time I'll very thinly slice some dill pickle and add it with the cheese and onion.

Feb 03, 2013
jmspdx in Recipes

Italian Jam Crostata

This was very easy and pretty good, but the jam doesn't come through at all. The only flavor you really get from this is almond. I would at least double the amount of jam next time. I have a similar crostata recipe that calls for a full cup, and I really think that amount works better.

May 28, 2012
jmspdx in Recipes

Garlicky Roasted Chicken with Garlic Jus on Garlic Toast

We thought we were the Garlic Lover's Garlic Lovers until we tried this recipe. It proved us wrong. I used an honest-to-god roasting chicken (generally older and fuller-flavored than a fryer) for this dish, and we were still challenged to find any chicken flavor underneath all the stinking rose. Needs huge tweaks next time.

Sep 25, 2011
jmspdx in Recipes

Boston 'hound coming to PDX last week of July, trip recs?

I hear nothing but good things about The Country Cat, especially for breakfast.

If you're willing to travel a few minutes south of Portland to our fantastic wine country, Jory, at the the Allison Inn & Spa, gets consistently good ratings.

Jul 14, 2011
jmspdx in Metro Portland