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Cast iron skillet and steak

You got it...I have an electric stove top.

And I don't move the steak while it's cooking. it just sticks regardless of me moving it or not.

Thanks for the replies folks...will try a lower heat and hopefully I'll still get a nice crust on the steaks.

Jul 14, 2011
lostd in Cookware

Cast iron skillet and steak

Hi there,

So I love my lodge cast iron skillet...use it to fry stuff up all the time. Except when it comes to steak. How I make steak in the skillet is, I turn the heat so the skillet is scorching, and cook steak accordingly. Problem is, the middle of my skillet where I cooked the steak is all cruddy with burned on bits. When I try to wash it off, the middle of the skillet turns a bit greyish, so I'm pretty sure I've scorched and cleaned off the seasoning. This happens when I use oil/butter when cooking the steak and when I don't use anything.

So what's happening? I find that if I use medium heat to fry stuff in the skillet, nothing sticks and it cleans up nice. But when I cook a steak on high heat, the seasoning takes a kicking. Am I using too high a heat? If so, I've always read that when cooking steak in a cast iron, it should be very hot...but is it possible to get the pan so hot that the seasoning burns off?


Jul 13, 2011
lostd in Cookware