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Buy lobster from fishermen in Maine

Hi Guys,

So someone told my dad there are places in Maine where you can buy lobsters on the dock directly from the fishermen and they will cook it for you. That's all the info I have.

Any idea of any such places?


Coastal Colombian Food

Thanks, Jared!

Oct 30, 2013
ilovericenj in Outer Boroughs

Coastal Colombian Food

I went to Cartagena and feel in love with the food. Arroz de coco and the seafood dishes and pan de bono to be specific. Anyone know of any places in the NY/NJ area where I can get that type of food? I'm missing it so very badly.

Oct 29, 2013
ilovericenj in Outer Boroughs


Legal Beans in Jersey City...There's no indoor seating but on a nice day you can enjoy their BBQ on the one picnic table they have.

They have an espresso rub BBQ pork rib that is delicious but they also do Philippino "BBQ" on a stick and lechon.

Aug 17, 2012
ilovericenj in New Jersey

Best cannoli in Manhattan?

I liked the canollis at Pasticceria Bruno. Most places just put chocolate chips in their canolli but Bruno's does some kind of candied jelly thing. The rest of their so so.

Aug 17, 2012
ilovericenj in Manhattan

Fried Clams in Maine

Any suggestions for places that have good fried clams (preferably one that gives you an option of crumb or batter) with outdoor seating - a dog friendly place and a nice view would be nice to haves. Anywhere between Portland and Bar Harbor.

I used to enjoy going to Harraseeket Lunch and Lobster but their service has been horrible the past two years I've gone there. I'm sad about this b/c I did love their clams and onion rings.