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Quiche Lorraine

Many years ago there was a quaint litte restaurant in the east end that served a fabulous quiche. It had a side of sprouts and came with a glass of homemade lemonade. Seated no more than 30 or so but the combination of flavours as well as the intimate and cozy ambiance makes me wish they still existed. I don't remember the name of the place nor the exact address. If anything, could someone provide a decent substitute? thanks.

meats for a brazilian fejouda

Does anyone know where I can buy salted pork in Montreal? I need the ears, the belly, the feet and some dried meat and sausage as well. Thanks. P.S. If they sell the manioc flour there too, that would be great.

Do you have a recipe that works so well that you have no interest in trying another?

I heard a really good tip on Chef At Home once regarding the "breadcrumb theory" and how they dry out the meat mixture. Contrary to popular belief, it's the egg that binds not the breadcrumb. If you want your meatballs extra moist, try soaking some plain white bread in some milk and add that to the mixture. Tried and true.

Oct 17, 2011
levanty in Home Cooking

Kreplach - the real thing

Don't believe any recipes out there telling you that Kreplach is made from ground beef. It's either chunks of blade or brisket braised with onions and garlic...s & p to taste, that's it, that's all.
After slow cooking for a couple of hours, this fork-tender meat is pulled apart and rolled into a Kreplach. (I used fresh, store bought egg-roll skins but home-made dough is better if you have the time).

Oct 17, 2011
levanty in Home Cooking

circuit des paysans

Thanks. Very helpful indeed.

circuit des paysans

Is this like a tour of individual farms? Is it worth going? I'm starting my vacation this Friday and wondered what the best places to stop were and what to expect. Thanks

What's the best place for breakfast in Montreal

I appreciate the fact that you want Montreal only however just over the Cartierville bridge (where Belmont park used to be) you'll find a 24 hour deli called Chenoys in Laval. Not only are their everyday breakfasts super fast and reasonably priced, on the weekends they also have (or had) all you can eat brunch in another dining room. Try their lox platter or the country platter (the beans are to die for). Their sausages are addictive and the menu is endless.

Blue Crab?

I saw some blue crabs at D&G market yesterday. It's on St. Laurent just above de la Gauchetière in Chinatown. At first, it just looks like a small ice cream store but once you go downstairs, it's huge! Good prices too!

Blue Crab?

Are we talking about the same market? (G and D). I just went there yesterday and it was just like porker'd think you were at a tropical fish store. The aquariums were cleaned and well stocked. The fish was lively and there was no odor of anykind which is unusual for a fish department. Also, there was a cool display of live clams, oysters, etc. under a sprinkling system and the prices were very reasonable. I was impressed to say the least. Thanks porker!


Haggisboy you're making me drool......BTW Baltimore is in Maryland and a round trip would take a minimum of 30 hours (straight through). Gonna wait for live "Gidneys" where they apparently stock Old Bay seasoning. Their tanks should be filled with live crabs in about a week or so. I will try the corn ears thanks but are you sure it wasn't just the husks they used to trap the steam?


Live or served? Not driving that far without specifics. For the live, I think I can get them here in Montreal thanks to someone's post. However, if Rivière du Loup has a crab shack, don't hold back, I'll b-line my way there on the weekend. Thanks

Blue Crab?

I've been meaning to visit that market. Are the crabs in a tank (fiesty) or in a crate (comatose)?

I don't know about blue crabs but Gidney's will have live crabs in their tanks next week.

Cartel Street Food?

You can never have too many heath food restaurants but I agree that a crab shack would serve us nicely.


That's it. After reading numerous posts on the lack of crab in Montreal I've developed a hankering that just won't go away. Plan A : Where can I buy it and how do I get it to taste like crabhouse crab? Plan B: How far do I have to drive? I won't go as far as Maryland but am willing to drive all day (round trip).

West Island Seafood

If you ever find a crab house anywhere in Quebec, please let me know. However, you can still have that finger-licking, shell sucking experience if you order the GINGER LOBSTER at Kam Shing Chinese Restaurant: Montréal, QC | Restaurant ...- 6730 Ch De La Cote-Des-Neiges, Montréal, QC H3S 2T6