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Argentinian recs?

Some friends and I will be heading to Buenos Aires the week of Thanksgiving. Thought we'd check out some restaurants in the city to get into mood. Can anyone recommend some good Argentinian places to check out? Willing to travel.

Sep 29, 2008
CeruleanBlue in Manhattan

Business dinner in Murray Hill - where to go?

Some account managers are flying in from LA and are taking me and a coworker out to dinner. They have already been to Dos Caminos, L'express and Blue Hill. They asked us to pick a place with better food than where they've been and it must be within walking distance of 25th and Park. Where should we go????

P.S. Due to an awful experience at Eleven Madison Park it is definitely out of the running...

Mar 16, 2008
CeruleanBlue in Manhattan

Lunch for under $5 - Impossible??

Anywhere/cuisine goes...

Sep 22, 2007
CeruleanBlue in Manhattan

Help! Picky Palettes on Park!

My coworkers and I are looking for cheap (and tasty) eats in the Murray Hill/Grammery area. Here's the rub: we work on 25th and Park Ave., there are 7 of us, more than half are picky and a few do not like Indian so Curry Hill is basically out. Can anyone recommend cheap and tasty lunch spots within a 10 block radius to satisfy all?

Sep 06, 2007
CeruleanBlue in Manhattan