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Rinse the rice?

Here is the skinny on all of this discussion.

American long grain rice Riceland Rice is enriched with vitamins and therefore, you should not rinse this rice. Any other rice in a bag, unless stated on the package, is not enriched with vitamins after milling and therefore should be rinsed mulitple times. These other rices have talc added so they don't stick and to keep the rice dry. Whether you rinse or not, when you add the proper amounts of water, you should swirl the mix and check for foreign debris (such as rice husks and bugs or bug parts) which will float. Of course, this foreign debris should be removed by hand or strainer if the rice is enriched. Remove this foreign debris by normal rice rinsing methods if the rice is not enriched. Besides foreign debris, there is also the starches from milling and the added talc (talc added to keep the rice dry and to ensure that it doesn't stick) that needs to be removed by rinsing. This is the substance that makes the water milky white. Keep rinsing until the water is almost clear. Procedure for rinsing is place the rice that you plan to cook in a pot, fill with water, swirl, pour off water and repeat until the water is almost clear. Then emty water and fill with correct amount of water for the amount of rice you are cooking.

Rice that comes in a box like Uncle Bens does not have to be rinsed, nor does prepackaged meals with rice like Rice Roni, Uncle Bens, Zatarains, etc. Instant rice in a box also does not have to be rinsed.

There is Extra Fancy Premium Sushi Rice (medium grain rice) that comes in bags that states "No Talc". This rice should be rinsed and you still need to check for foreign matter (but there most likely won't be any foreign matter in this rice. The difference with no talc rice is that you won't have to rince it as many times as the lower grades of medium grain rice.

Furthermore....besides rinsing the rice for foreign matter, rinsing it of starch and talc makes the rice cook more evenly and talc has some after taste.

Hope this answers all questions.

Jul 12, 2011
vprichodko in Home Cooking