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Butcher in Plymouth area

I used to live here 20 years ago and you could find a great butcher just about anywhere. I just bought a beach house in south Plymouth and am coming up for a month starting next week. I am looking for 3 specific things. Real homemade (traditional) italian sausage. Traditional (meat filled) homemade tortellini. A butcher that has prime beef.

Native corn

where is allendale farm?

Jul 14, 2011
labonbon3 in Greater Boston Area


can you byob?

Jul 13, 2011
labonbon3 in Greater Boston Area

If you could only eat products from ONE animal for the rest of your life...

Jesus.........what are you people thinking??????? just become a vegetarian will you......

Jul 13, 2011
labonbon3 in General Topics

Native corn

Head down Route 106 to'll see the farm...there's a stand and a truck....just pull up...but not before August 15th. That's when the sweetest corn is ready.

Jul 11, 2011
labonbon3 in Greater Boston Area

Fried clams

Wood's Plymouth waterfront. My Dad took me there in the 60's. My son has taken me there for Mother's Day. BEST fried clams IN THE WORLD...still.