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Cheesecake in Seattle?

Hi Everyone,
My brother is getting married (very casual wedding) and he and his bride want to have a cheesecake for their wedding cake. I'm going to get it for them, but know nothing about area bakeries. Can someone recommend a bakery that makes a good cheesecake? They live in the Lynnwood area, but traveling to get it is not a problem.
Thanks so much for your suggestions.

Aug 28, 2012
Goldieg in Greater Seattle

Restaurant bans children under age 6 - What do you think?

I'm a mom and, while my children are older, I don't have a problem with a restaurant stating that children are not welcome. Kids do not need to go everywhere with their parents. Going out to dinner with your kids and where you go to do that is a choice- we're not talking a pediatrician's waiting room here. Of course there are weddings and vacations where that might be challenging, but you make the best choice for your child in the situation. Also, as an adult, I like going to places where there are not kids sometimes.
I think part of the problem is that many children (and adults, too) haven't learned how to be present and enjoy a meal. Cellphones, texting, milling around, video games, books are not appropriate when dining in the company of others. I know there are a million threads about this, but isn't the point of dining out to enjoy the food and other people's company? If a person is unable to do that for whatever reason then they shouldn't be in the restaurant.
When my boys were young we did take them out. Not to the nicest places in town, but to nicer restaurants. Our expectations for their behavior was made very clear from the beginning. (and were the same at home, btw). Mostly they were well-behaved. When they weren't we immediately addressed the behavior. If it continued, one of us would take the child out until he was ready to return. If that didn't happen, then we'd have the remainder of dinner packed up, pay the tab, tip well, and leave. I think that only happened once, but it was an important lesson.
It is important to set kids up for success when eating out. Make sure they are old enough to understand the expectations. Don't take them to nice places when they are tired, cranky, or not feeling well. Don't order a five course meal if you know you would be lucky to make it through an entree. Take the time to model appropriate behavior, make sure the child can participate in the conversation (boredom=trouble), and help the child to do well. And most importantly, take kids to restaurants that are appropriate for their abilities.

Jul 13, 2011
Goldieg in Not About Food

Going to Frye Island

The lake is beautiful right now. You are going to have a wonderful trip.
Frye is a little tricky, as I am sure you figured out when you made your reservations. You want to plan ahead or else you will be shopping at the tiny on island market. There are a number of places around.
Before you get on the ferry, stop at the following places (all on rt 302 and in order going north from Windham):
Prime Cut Meat Market (same plaza as the Dollar store)- good meats, homemade sausages
Chipman's Farm Stand (again, same plaza as Dollar store, just on the far side) local produce, baked goods, cheese
Good Life Market (little read house, mile or so down)- awesome gourmet market, nice wine and cheese selection, amazing pies, great sandwiches
Mosquito-best ice cream, you can get to it by boat, park boat at Jordan Marine and walk up across street

Past where you will turn to go to the Frye Island ferry:
Butcher's Seafood- delicious seafood, lobster rolls, they will cook up a lobster boil for you to take away (I don't think there are tables, we just get it to go) if they have shrimp or crab dip, get it
Tony's Foodland is a nice big grocery store, locally owned and good to the community, pretty good bakery
If you want to take a drive (or go to the drive-in movie- Bridgeton Twin Drive-In) continue north on 302 into Bridgton. Cute town with a country store with fudge the kids will love and an excellent Thai restaurant (Chau Thai).
I hope you have a wonderful vacation. It is a beautiful spot.

Good Life Market
1297 Roosevelt Trl, Raymond, ME 04071

Jul 11, 2011
Goldieg in Northern New England