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Venice: The Great Binge of '09

Hi, I'm writing to you from Bassano del Grappa (sorry for my english, is very rusted).
I really love Venice, and I often eat there.
Il Ridotto is really a good restaurant (and Alle Testiere too), but Fiaschetteria Toscana was better years ago.
I want to suggest to you all 2 addresses:
1) Antiche Carampane, rio terà delle carampane, San polo 1911, phone 041/5240165. It is very difficult to find (not so far from the Rialto market), but worth a visit. You will spend about €. 60-80 (wine not included) for a real, traditional venetian meal (absolutely fresh fish). Closed Sunday and monday.
2) Antico Giardinetto, calle dei morti 2253, phone 041/722882 (same area of Antiche Carampane). Closed monday. Another restaurant well known for the freshness of the fish. Try the raw fish and the frittura (fried fish), and don't forget the cakes... About €. 60 (wine not included).

About Bassano del Grappa.
I love my hometown, and it's a place known for wellliving.
Try the Ca' Sette hotel and restaurant. It is no in the centre of the city, but you will have a wonderful sight and high level meals.
You can try also Trattoria Da Doro, a small restaurant in Solagna, a little town 8 Km north of Bassano in Valsugana valley.
In the historical centre of Bassano, very close to the old bridge, there is the museum of the grappa (the liquor, not the mountain).
It is owned by family Poli, an ancient grappa producer, and their grappa, in my opinion, is absolutely the best you can find in Italy (better than Nonina, Nardini, etc.).
Enjoy Italy

Il Ridotto
Sestiere Castello,4509, Venezia , IT

Antiche Carampane
Calle de la Carampane, 1911,San Polo, Venice, Veneto 30125, IT

Fiaschetteria Toscana
Cannaregio, 5719, Venice, Veneto 30131, IT

Antico Giardinetto
Santa Croce,Calle dei Morti,2253, Venice, Veneto , IT

Jul 11, 2011