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Mom and 9-year-old on 3-day visit do Harry Potter - Wicked - and AMNH - plus a haircut in the east Village...HELP?

Thanks so much! You won't believe this, but on my last trip to NYC in the early 90s, a friend who lived in the Village then took me to Veselka...and I've been trying to remember the name. I remember I could get a plate of breakfast and coffee back then for something crazy like $3.95. I feel so lucky that you posted - thanks!
And Hadley will be glad to eat a burger or dog just to visit a place called the Shake Shack. I think half the food she's consume in her life has gone in motivated by the promise of dessert ;-)

Jul 11, 2011
vivcon in Manhattan

Mom and 9-year-old on 3-day visit do Harry Potter - Wicked - and AMNH - plus a haircut in the east Village...HELP?

We are staying at a small hotel on West 46th - Plan to hit Sullivan Street Bakery the two mornings we are there.

Need help with other meals!

1) We get in before noon and have weekday 2:30 tickets to Discovery Times Square (HP Exhibition). Need to grab lunch and don't have a ton of time, so would LOVE a pizza place (around that area) recommendation for lunch on day one.

2) Next day, my long-haired daughter is getting a shot bob down on 9th b/t 1st and Avenue A. Her appt is at 10, so we can eat lunch before the 2 o'clock show at the Gershwin almost anywhere b/t the village and the theater. I'd love something with a cute garden or somewhat special atmosphere (neat murals or old, original woodwork or soda fountain?), but my daughter is not an adventurous eater. (Loves a rare tuna steak, though!) She'll eat Mediterranean, loves Italian (of course) or other pasta dishes, and would love good homemade chips. Not a huge burger and fry fan - she prefers a deli - turkey sandwich standard, but I'd something with a unique atmosphere. She likes shrimp. . .at least fresh shrimp in a low country boil or fried shrimp. Likes a sweet, fruity/nutty chicken salad.

3) Need dinner after the 2:00 show - saw Lattanzi's (sp?) well-reviewed, but would love to branch off restaurant row after the show if I can get a good local recommendation.

I was thinking about taking her to Sylvia's for one of these meals. Not sure about time between the haircut and the show, so maybe dinner?? She LOVES fried chicken, but I wonder if Sylvia's has become too commercial over the years? I have not been since 1988! Is there another family spot that does soul food / comfort food? Preferably closer to our hotel than Harlem?


4) The day we fly out, we are spending the day at the American Museum of Natural History. We'll have had breakfast, but will need lunch and - if I can bump our flight out from 4:49 to early dinner. (Or we'll be dining at the Atlanta airport!!) Anyone know about restaurants IN the museum? Are there any good places in easy walking distance where we could grab lunch? Are there good food carts in Central Park - we HAVE to go see the d*%n Balto statue.

I'm not especially worried about money - I expect to pay $10 to $20 for lunch and I'll pay a bit more for dinner. really want her to enjoy some "cool" places, but want unique spots with good food! I may have to have a beer at some point, but do not plan to drink, so. . . not worried about wine selection on this trip.

I quit teaching to go to law school, so this is a real treat for us - using free tickets dad got for getting off an overbooked flight on a business trip!! Thanks in advance for helping me make it special with good food!!

Sullivan Street Bakery
533 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036

361 West 46th Street, New York, NY 10036

Jul 10, 2011
vivcon in Manhattan