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Hummus is not Greek!

wow, thanks for this link is opens up eyes :-)

Hummus is not Greek!

I certainly hope that while in Cyprus, you tasted what I call The KING of Hummus, which you can get everyday in the heart of Nicosia, Laiki Yitonia, in a restaurant named Fanous. It is absolutely fabulous!!

Greek Coffee (Ellinikos Kafes)

Very true - as many people of greek descent....that's how many versions you'll get. I've been making this coffee for well over 2 years, almost everyday, yet still ever so often I'll get feedback along the lines of "you made it the wrong way", or "that not how you're supposed to make it".
I guess its all about practice, so obviously if you're ever invited to a greek household, you''ll probably be greeted with that tiny coffee, and surely it'll be nothing like the one you'll make yourself.
Good luck everyone, it truly is an art to make this coffee and get a "thumbs up" from locals.

Jul 10, 2011
indefinitelycooking in Recipes