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B&B Empire Bagels

Two words: head elsewhere! $22.50 on this Saturday morning got us the following: three bagels with very parsimonious schmear (and I'm someone who doesn't like getting lots of cr. cheese in a schmear) and two "fresh-squeezed" OJs, which were definitely not fresh-squeezed and had to have come from a Tropicana carton. When I balked at the total, the underfed, cold-eyed cashier just told me, "that's the way it goes." Staff was all very slow and confused. One of the bakers in back was eating an entire bagel while handling the fresh ones -- that can't be up to health code... The bagels, well, they're different, I'll give 'em that. But they were not very chewy. And that place had like, NO VIBE. Other than all that...

B&B Empire
200 Clinton St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Jul 09, 2011
drummer75 in Outer Boroughs