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Lakeside at the Wynn

Has anybody eaten at Lakeside since they started flying in fresh fish from Hawaii??? Thoughts?

Jun 18, 2014
zsmd01 in Las Vegas

Small Plates Recommendations??

Will be in Paris next week with lunch at some very nice restaurants (Le Cinq, Pierre Gagnaire). My guess is that we won't be in the mood for a big dinner in the evening. Any suggestions for places to go for small plates to share? We'll be staying near the Arc de Triumphe, but are willing to hop on the Metro.

Apr 28, 2012
zsmd01 in France

Tipping High End Restaurants in Paris

I saw a thread a while ago, but now can't find it. What is the recommended tip at high end restaurants in Paris? We're doing lunch at Le Cinq and Pierre Gagnaire and dinner at Guy Savoy. Don't want to overtip, but don't want to be cheap Americans... Thanks.

Apr 22, 2012
zsmd01 in France

Lunch/Brunch Recommendations

Leaving tomorrow for Las Vegas. Dinners are set - Robuchon, e', Le Cirque, Sage (thanks for all of the recommendations!). Now need suggestions for Lunch/Brunch - we're thinking of Bouchon - any others? What's the best recommendation for a great burger? We're staying at Bellagio if that helps.

Sep 02, 2011
zsmd01 in Las Vegas

Bartolotta or Guy Savoy? Please Help!!!

I have the exact same question about Bartolotta and Savoy (though in our case the other nights are e', Robuchon, and Sage).

Aug 07, 2011
zsmd01 in Las Vegas

1st Trip - Best Foodie Restaurants

My husband and I will be in Las Vegas for the first time over Labor Day weekend for 4 nights. Need recommendations for best foodie restaurants... We're thinking Robuchon (which one???), Bartolotta, Savoy, McClain (Sage), Aureole. Thoughts about these ? Are there others we should substitute in???

Jul 08, 2011
zsmd01 in Las Vegas