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Where to take visiting Italians?

I am Italian (from Padova, near Verona) and often have visitors in SF - I would take them to the House of Prime Rib ... the Slanted Door ... perhaps Greens ... maybe dimsum or sushi. I don't recommend the nice Californian/American restaurants (Boulevard, Bix, Jardiniere ...), as they are too similar to what they would eat in Verona or Northern Italy. I would ask them if there is something special they would like to do ... I think Top of the Mark or something like that would be a good idea too ...

Oct 14, 2009
sflady in San Francisco Bay Area

Los Planes - Excelsior - Report [San Francisco]

Dave, I have been getting my pupusas from the Pupuseria on Persia for years (always for take-out, but one can also eat inside ... although it's just a hole in the wall) ... and they are delicious! That is ALL I have ordered from them, so I can't speak for the other items on their menu, but the pupusas are really good.
I didn't realize it was called "Los Planes de Renderos" ... it's listed as "Pupuseria" on the phone book. :-)

Mar 12, 2008
sflady in San Francisco Bay Area

best papusa in sf

Definitely the Pupuseria on Persia Street in the Excelsior ... it's just a little hole in the wall (I always take out), but their pupusas are the best!

Sep 06, 2007
sflady in San Francisco Bay Area