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whats a pork lover to do?

Help! My husband can't take sodium or high fructos corn syrup-any marinade recipes for grilling pork chops would be appreciated

Jul 17, 2011
mickired in Home Cooking

FORT MYERS, CAPE CORAL -- Need recommendations for TOP PICKS

By now you know Taste of Ny , ad Stevie Tomato are gone As for Tims Wok- I tried it on recomendation-it taste like canned food.The people at the next table to us left everything and just walked out Yuk!

Jul 14, 2011
mickired in Florida

Best Pizza in South Florida

doughboys in Ft Lauderdale beats Antonios hands down.just the closest to the city without the plae fare.I
ff yore hooked on Anthonys theres one in Plantation just west on Sunrise and Nob Hill
Doughboys meatball and peperoni pie is just like a taste of Brooklyn

Doughboys Pizzeria & Itauan Restaurant
829 SE 17th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Five Guys vs. In-N-Out

I travel between south Florida and Vegas (where the In-N-Out lines are unbelieveable -I prefer In-N-Out s burgers - they cant be beat!
But Five Guys fries are the best . Ive ever had.I can go there and just eat the fries or take them home to have with whatever I am cooking.-So I suggest they move onto the same street and make everyone happy. !Ive been in shopping centers where Burger King ,Arbys & Mc Donalds exist near each other.

Jul 07, 2011
mickired in Chains


Not thrilled with PF Changs-looking for Cantonese New York stle food-help!

Jul 07, 2011
mickired in Florida