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Small Pies or Tarts in Boston Area

This is what I did for my wedding. We went to for mini tarts (fruit, chocolate, lemon), eclairs, cannoli. They were all good quality two bite treats.

Dec 03, 2012
nicjp in Greater Boston Area

where to buy a dairy free (not vegan, though) birthday cake

Try Fiore's Italian Bakery in JP. Lots of good vegan options (as a non-vegan I can say they are just a good as traditional cakes).

Nov 02, 2010
nicjp in Greater Boston Area

Heinz Salad Cream?

Salad cream is like mayonaise, but much tangier and yummier and a bit runnier. I can get it at the supermarket where they sell the 'british' food.

Sep 06, 2007
nicjp in General Topics