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L.A. Dish of the Month, January 2015 -- Voting

AFRICAN sounds great. I know Meals by Genet will be my first stop. Would love to know what other non-Ethiopian gems are out there.

Dec 28, 2014
techbod in Los Angeles Area

Little Hong Kong Cafe Closed


Dec 28, 2014
techbod in Los Angeles Area

L.A? Dish of the Month, November 2014 -- Late-Night, 24-Hour Dining

Getting a jump on the day by eating breakfast before going to sleep is a great way to justify Country Breakfast at Pacific Dining Car. Sausage patty, well done. Bacon, crisp. Two eggs over medium. Pancakes - blueberry because, why not? These are a few of my favorite things.

Nov 24, 2014
techbod in Los Angeles Area

Where is a good place to buy smoked whitefish in Santa Monica area?

New York Bagel on San Vicente in Brentwood (not on Wilshire). While there, grab flat everything bagels, and cream cheese with fresh jalapeƱo chunks.

Nov 22, 2014
techbod in Los Angeles Area

Atticus Creamery and Pies

In tonight, ten customers at 8pm. Zero at Coldstone 3 doors down, confirming that people do often choose the better option when there is one. They have nine ice cream flavors and four pie flavors. HONEY ice cream is a show stopper. I've always liked the idea of it (Haagen Dazs had one in the 90s), and Atticus' is the best version I've ever tasted. Haven't tried the lemon lavender pie w raspberry gelee base yet, but looks promising.

Nice, enthusiastic staff, great addition to the neighborhood, and I'll be back.

Noon - 10pm. Park in a lot half a block west.

Sep 06, 2014
techbod in Los Angeles Area

Oxnard - Family Friendly

There's a great Thai spot called Bkue Elephant in Oxnard. Toppers Pizza waterfront location on the harbor is great. Agree with the fishermans catch rec. Up at the strip mall near Hollywood Beach there's a food court with impressive Japanese street food - okonomiyaki, tako balls, shaveice. And, the most hidden gem of all the Oxnard hidden gems... If it's still there, see this spot I discovered years ago. Bonkers. Fishermans House.

Jun 27, 2014
techbod in Los Angeles Area

Delivery pizza near Cloverfield and Colorado

Grey Block is very good, but delivery service can be terrible. Order early and get the seasoned crust and consider the salad pizza.

May 13, 2014
techbod in Los Angeles Area

Kindles's Donuts, the other architectural donut shoppe in South LA

Are they GOOD or simply BIG?

Mar 21, 2014
techbod in Los Angeles Area

Informal Hound Get-Together Sun Feb. 16, 5:30-

I'm in! If I can finish house of cards before 630...

Feb 16, 2014
techbod in Los Angeles Area

Flat Whites or ?????

Profeta Espresso in Westwood Village.

Feb 09, 2014
techbod in Los Angeles Area

The Wallace in Culver City

Why didn't you enjoy your wife? JK. Will check it out. Thx for the tip.

Dec 18, 2013
techbod in Los Angeles Area

Los Angeles Lunch & Brunch Blues

Bucato. Beautifully curated menu full of items with and without eggs.

Dec 11, 2013
techbod in Los Angeles Area

Fundamental LA

I just hosted an 18 person holiday party there, and it was outstanding. Accommodating service, natural, friendly pacing, and every bite was delicious. I think their small kitchen and reliance on sous vide methods makes them uniquely well suited to serve a lot of people a lot of variety very quickly. Some of the protein dishes (family style) looked a little small, but across 7 courses everyone got fed, and very little went to waste. Fundamental is a gem, a great value, and a lot of fun.

Dec 08, 2013
techbod in Los Angeles Area

Where find Baklava with strong Rosewater taste( West LA/ Santa Monica)?

Attari Sandwich Shop desserts are extremely rosewatery, as are many other Persian desserts up and down Westwood Blvd.

Nov 16, 2013
techbod in Los Angeles Area

Night & Market Unique Thai on Westside

The westside starts at Western. Hence the name. Ask any native Angeleno, or anyone is Atwater Village.

Aug 09, 2012
techbod in Los Angeles Area

Last Meal in LA? Leaving after 20 Years

Spago, tasting menu. Then straight to LAX. Not necessarily the best, but archetypical L.A.

And upon arrival in Chicago, reserve at Alinea. Amazing, and unlike anything in L.A., and yes I've tried Bazaar, which is fun amd interesting, but no contest.

May 21, 2012
techbod in Los Angeles Area

Shunji's on a Monday nite? bad idea? or ok idea?

The "fresh" claims, and "we got it from the special fish market at 5am" stories seem thin. Not at Shunji, but in general. Fishing boat collects bluefin tuna. It goes in the freezing hold for as long as we're at sea. Then, unload, sell at market. Load onto jet. Fly across Pacific. Deliver to wholesaler. Sell to sushi chef. Drive across town. Serve 12 hours later. That's a four or five day process. Hopefully, said fish is frozen solid for the bulk of that time so as not to rot. If so, who cares if it sits on ice for another day or two, and gets served on a Monday at 8pm? The chef has pride and a discerning palate. If he is serving it, I am eating it.

Apr 19, 2012
techbod in Los Angeles Area

Grilled Cheese Month at Clementine

I had the Cuban to go. Even cooled down after the ride home it was delicious. Real ingredients. Carefully prepared. Clementine staff tend to make sandwiches as if they are going to eat it themselves - with care, and plentiful fillings. Keep it up.

Apr 19, 2012
techbod in Los Angeles Area

Best fried chicken in LA? where is it?

The La Cachette Bistro "basket of fried chicken" sounds great, but is somewhat misleading. Someone in my party ordered it, and was surprised when she was delivered a paper cone (like one in which you might serve french fries) with three or four "strip d' poulet fritte." That's right - chicken tenders. Perhaps lovingly cut by a prep chef with an accent, and clearly carefully battered and fried by a true Francophone, but at the end of the day, they were chicken strips, served with a forgettable ketchup or bbq-ish sauce. Not exactly bistro fare, but, were they on a kids' menu, perfectly acceptable. The Chef is doing the right thing if he is rethinking that dish and its place on his otherwise good menu.

La Cachette
Little Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90067

Nov 06, 2009
techbod in Los Angeles Area

where to buy scallop in ventura or around ventura

Both Ventura Harbor and Channel Islands Harbor 3 miles south have fishing boats, local fisherman, commercial fisherman, and fresh from the sea, buy it right from the guy who caught it seafood. Urchins. Abalone. Scallops. Crab. Fish. Just go walk around the docks and either follow your nose, or ask around.

Sep 27, 2009
techbod in Los Angeles Area

sushi-lover from out of town, visiting in November, planning 2 dinners, Urasawa & ?

I recommend you go for something other than sushi on the first night, and Urasawa the next. There are probably a dozen REALLY GOOD sushi spots in L.A., but everyone EVERYONE concurs that none of them are in the same league as Urasawa. So, do something else you can only do in L.A. - Melisse, Providence, Spago, Cut, Mozza (either one), and then look forward to one A+ sushi outing at Urasawa.

Sep 19, 2009
techbod in Los Angeles Area

Breakfast before the Dodger game on Wednesday?

The Pacific Dining Car is the go-to, hearty breakfast and stiff bloody mary destination in downtown L.A. It's open 24-7, which is irrelevant unless you are planning on getting a REALLY early start for the game.

Pacific Dining Car
1310 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Sep 15, 2009
techbod in Los Angeles Area

Fisherman's House, Channel Islands Harbor; Secret Dining Room - Anyone Ever Tried It?

Shockingly, the tab was: $50 for the whole live fish sashimi kimchi spicy soup and some leftover sashimi done tempura style (for two). $6 for the order of tempura fish/veggies I ordered up front for my kid. $5 for large HITE Korean beer. That's $61 plus a 30+% tip because of the unbelievable value and first-class treatment, and we were out the door. Also, plenty of free parking. Weird, right?

Aug 04, 2009
techbod in Los Angeles Area

Fisherman's House, Channel Islands Harbor; Secret Dining Room - Anyone Ever Tried It?

So, the deafening silence in response to my post above told me that I was going to have to take one for the team and report back. Take one I did, and I'm pleased to share my experience. Two adults and one 3-year-old sampled Fisherman's House last night, and here are the facts:

- start with a live fish (rock fish, white fish, other non-descript, not-traditionally sushi-ish fish)
- within 10 minutes of sitting down, said fish has been reduced to more sashimi than any two people could eat. It is delivered beautifully arrayed on a football-shaped platter, accompanied by lettuce leaves, wasabi, chili sauce, miso paste, garlic slivers, jalapeno slivers, cucumber and carrot sticks, and a pitcher of cool, unsweetened tea
- two diners tuck into the sashimi course and eat as much as they can
- when they cry uncle, the server takes away the sashimi (more on this later) and delivers 4 types of kimchi (cucumber, cabbage, other and other other) and a couple of bowls of good, sticky rice, and sounds the alarm that the spicy soup is coming right up
- said soup hits the table in a large cauldron, spiced in a kimchi dimension, and with big chunks of tender fish (and a whole fish skeleton for flavor) strewn throughout. it is delicious, and induces perspiration and lots of oohs and aahs of appreciation.
- the aforementioned sashimi that didn't get eaten in round one went to two worthy causes. first, they tossed some of it into the fish soup kettle, where it cooked up nicely and added to the soup portion of the experience. the rest of it (maybe 15 little pieces) took a quick trip through the tempura station and came back packed to go in an open cardboard container so it wouldn't get soggy. after 15 hours in the fridge, it baked up nicely today (375 for 12 minutes) for a delicious day-after lunch.

A couple of other notes:
- this is a family-owned restaurant, with regular customers who have been coming for decades from up and down the coast
- this is the only restaurant in the Channel Islands Harbor with a license to recirculate "fresh" harbor water into their tanks on a continuous basis. Any boater can tell you that "fresh harbor water" is a bit of an oxymoron, but when you consider that the option in most live/fresh fish restaurants is water that gets changed weekly or monthly, with filtration in between changes to keep the fish alive, one can see how the recirculating option is considered a selling point to those in the know.
- the first generation owners (50s or 60s) seemed worried that I was not going to appreciate their authentic experience (perhaps a bit of a language gap). the second generation staff (Jamie, the daughter) got that I was on a Chowish adventure and explained that to the elders. from that moment on, we enjoyed first-class treatment all the way, and the entire staff made us feel very, very welcome.

Summing up, if you haven't tried Fisherman's House, seriously consider it. It is very good, and a great "experience" meal to boot. Oxnard is a bit short on chowish cuisine, but Fisherman's House proves that if you know where to look, you can find some great stuff.

Additional notes for those trolling the board looking for other options in the Oxnard, Channel Islands, Port Hueneme area: Blue Elephant Thai is excellent, HC Seafood is great for live, fresh crabs to go (call in your order, they take 20 minutes to cook), and Pete's Breakfast House in Ventura is a very good breakfast option, even though it isn't in the charming part of Ventura's Main Street.

Aug 03, 2009
techbod in Los Angeles Area

Fisherman's House, Channel Islands Harbor; Secret Dining Room - Anyone Ever Tried It?

In the downtrodden Channel Islands Harbor, I stumbled today into the "secret" dining room of Fisherman's House. By "secret," I guess I mean that because I don't read or speak or look Korean, I've been able to wander past it dozens of times without ever noticing it. And, i can't seem to find it on Chowhound.

If you walk in the front door, you are in a decrepit food court, packed empty with dozens of forlorn tables and chairs. To your right, a Mexican food counter. To your left, a sushi bar/noodle/non-specific Asian food counter. It's all kind of iffy looking. It's easy to understand why there are few if any customers. This place aspires to mall food court status.

But something "just didn't look right." After some nosing around, and a bit of the "you're not Asian, so we're going to ignore you until you go away" treatment from the staff, I figured it out. This schlocky teriyaki counter has several big tanks full of live fish, Dungeness crabs, and other goodies of the sea. Peering through the kitchen, I could see a tatami room of sorts. Raised white tile slabs with low tables. And, that telltale sign that something Chowish is afoot - well-dressed, wealthy-looking Koreans tucking into a colorful, fresh-looking spread of food.

I needed to know more. What I learned has penetrated my every waking moment since. I need to locate a babysitter, rally 2-3 friends, and go back to experience the "secret" side of Fisherman's House.

As they grudgingly described it, one orders a whole fish. They sashimi the fillets on the spot, and serve the sashimi up with a selection of panchan. Then, they take the rest of the piscine parts and whip up a special soup. You eat this fishy feast in direct view of the Channel Islands Harbor, where boats bob and sway, and the seagulls swiddle of better times in the past and ahead.

The smallest version of the experience runs $50 and serves approx. 2. More people = bigger/additional fish = more $.

My goodness. How good does this sound? Has anyone on here ever tried it? What should I know before I go (tomorrow)?

Aug 01, 2009
techbod in Los Angeles Area

Baja Fresh Selling KOGI Tacos? Worlds Colliding...

Caroline and her social media stars over at KOGI got in touch directly to repudiate any suspicion of Kogi/Baja Fresh official tie-up. KOGI remains willfully independent. Tweet on, my taco slinging tweeps.

Jul 17, 2009
techbod in Los Angeles Area

Baja Fresh Selling KOGI Tacos? Worlds Colliding...

According to no less an authority than some blog on the OC Register website, a Baja Fresh in Irvine is testing upscale menu items, rolling out margaritas, and....

...wiat for it...KOGI Korean BBQ Tacos. Okay, anyone confused?

Baja Fresh = sort of Mexican, fast casual, corporate tacos and burritos with hundreds of locations nationwide

KOGI = we're so alternaTive we can'T even type without toggling oUr CAPSLOCK key, death to corporate overlords

So, if this blogger is not delusional either Baja is ripping off KOGI's street taco concept fair and square, or Mark, Caroline and the KOGI gang have just sold out, either literally or figuratively.

I saw it coming, and I don't blame them for it. It seemed impossible, even with two trucks and the insane volume they were doing at many locations, that KOGI could EVER make enough money to make two-dollar-twitter-taco-trucking a profitable endeavor. And KOGI was probably at about 13:20 on its 15 minute fame clock. So, with 100 seconds of fame remaining, have they pulled the trigger and busted open the korean equivalent of a pinata full of cash? I say, probably. What do you say?

Jul 15, 2009
techbod in Los Angeles Area

is there anything similar to ante's in san pedro (croatian/dalmatian cuisine) around town?

Divino in Brentwood has a range of tastes of the Adriatic - Croatia, Montenegro, etc. Goran, the owner, hails from the region and has a passion for its food and wine. Did you know the Grgich Hills winery has a Croatian outpost? There are always a few items on the menu with a "discovered on my last visit to Croatia" mark next to them.

The pizzas are good, and the custard with caramel sauce for dessert is spectacular.

11714 Barrington Ct, Los Angeles, CA 90049

Jun 27, 2009
techbod in Los Angeles Area

Dinner after Patinkin and Lupone!

Pacific Dining Car is running 24/7/365. Steaks, or late night breakfast if you're there late enough. Yum.

Pacific Dining Car
1310 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Jun 22, 2009
techbod in Los Angeles Area

Best Pizza near Olympic and 26th?

Abbott Pizza - Pico near 20th across from SMC. Crust with bagel toppings on it. The mixed mushroom pizza. Some pies available with garlic pesto, or olive pesto in lieu of marinara sauce. The only thing I'd skip is the chicken on the pizza - it's shredded or slivered, so it dries out a bit too quickly for my taste.

May 14, 2009
techbod in Los Angeles Area