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Coming Soon: Famous Hamburger on Steinway

Anyone know more about this joint? I swear to god, it's raining frozen yogurt and hamburgers in Astoria.

What's odd about this one is that according to the website, the only other FHamburger is a stand along restaurant in Dearborn, Michigan.

Anyone got details?

Apr 12, 2012
mrhotlanta in Outer Boroughs

Taco Bell Previews the Dark Future of Public Dining

TVs in Taco Bell don't signal a future - they are the present. At least in New York, if the restaurant has entrees in the 11-20 buck range, you can count on at least one set. It's obnoxious, and a giant red flag, as in "we're hoping these reruns of Alf distract you from our shitty food."

Aug 01, 2011
mrhotlanta in Features

What's coming to the Astoria Diner space?

Anyone have a heads up on what's going in at the old Astoria Diner on Steinway (34th/Broadway)? The For Rent sign is down, and there's some internal demo happening. I'd love a great diner in the neighborhood.

Astoria Diner
32-50 Steinway St, Queens, NY 11103

Jul 05, 2011
mrhotlanta in Outer Boroughs