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Lamb burgers vs. Hamburgers

Not GTA, but the Lamblicious at Chuck's Burger Bar in Hamilton is my favourite. It has swiss cheese, sautéed wild mushrooms and onions, and roasted garlic mayo.

Theee best crispy beef in the GTA

If you're ever working in Hamilton, transplanted Calgarians here like the Orange Beef at Le Chinois - reminds them of the Ginger Beef back home.

Inexpensive wedding venues

True, cinderelladressmaker, some of the most fun and memorable weddings I've ever been to have been at the Legion.

Finding Hershey's Candy Cane Kisses in Toronto/GTA area?

I just saw a giant bin of them at a Bulk Barn in Hamilton. If you call your local franchise, they can tell you if they have them.

The owners of the Harbour Diner in Hamilton are at it again!

Must have: the braised short rib poutine - the grilled asparagus takes it over the top.

Which Jamie?

I love "Cook with Jamie", and it is one of my go-to gifts; however, I have to add that out of all of my Jamie books, the one that is the most oil and food-stained is "Jamie's Dinners."

Apr 22, 2011
foodiemommy in Home Cooking

Indian/Asian stores in Hamilton??

Grace Foods, downtown Hamilton.
Also, Lyn's Linstead Market on Upper Gage, although a West Indian grocer, does carry a lot of Asian items. Specifically, I buy a number of items imported from the Philippines there.

The owners of the Harbour Diner in Hamilton are at it again!

OK - we should still have a chowmeet soon. I'll log on to the group this week.

The owners of the Harbour Diner in Hamilton are at it again!

Thanks for the tip. I'm going down there asap.

Hamilton Food and Drink Fest - early April 2011 - worth it?

Like 02putt I can't believe I'm about to tell you what I'm going to say, and that is, I wouldn't make a special trip for it. If you can bundle it with other activities, then okay, maybe.

Help me plan my daughter's 1st Birthday!

Oh, and yes I know my post sounds like I am petrified of any mess in my house. Normally, no, but the minimum number of children at one of our parties would be 35-40, in a small-ish house, so I have to think of these things.

Feb 01, 2011
foodiemommy in Home Cooking

Help me plan my daughter's 1st Birthday!

Hi scout1,
Especially if the party is going to be in your home, I would be careful about how you serve the pasta - that tomato sauce could end up all over the place.
At our home parties, we do a mix of "Canadian" food and Filipino food. For a lunch party, we would normally have pizza (one cheese, one pepperoni, and one deluxe) for the kids. We would not serve hot dogs because of a) the potential choking hazard and b) messy condiments. Kids like spring rolls - have lots of those. We would also have a tray of chicken fingers, either home made or frozen ones, oven fries (potato and sweet potato), and lots of veggies and dip. Guacamole goes over very well at our parties. Some of the kids like pancit (Filipino noodle dish), and most of them will eat some rice. Remember, most children do not eat too much at parties - they have little stomachs, and are way too excited. A fruit tray with a nice yogurt dip, homemade cookies, and a nice cake will round it out for the kids.
With regard to the cake, I see that you have an ice cream cake, which likely goes a long way to eliminate the food dye problem. I know that a number of parents, myself included, are concerned about food dyes, especially red, in icing. I always specify plain icing to the extent possible, and ask the bakery to use toys, etc. to decorate the cake. I also always check with parents in advance re: any allergies or sensitivities. We have a party coming up and I will be having a specialty cake made so that a couple of kids with allergies/sensitivities can share in the cake-eating.
I would suggest finding a way to serve drinks that does not involve open cups. You might try juice boxes, or else give each child a novelty cup with a straw and lid to be used at the party and as part of the "goody bag".
From my experience, I can tell you that most parents are not expecting a gourmet meal at a child's birthday party. They will eat what is there, but I still do put out some more adult items such as tea sandwiches and salad, as well as any suitable Filipino dishes. For a winter lunch party, I would have a pot of mulled cider on the stove, in addition to tea and coffee. I would offer beer and wine, but normally at lunch, no one wants it.
Have lots of napkins and damp cloths on hand. Most importantly, enjoy the day. It's your day, too, Mom and Dad - you've been through a lot this past year!

Feb 01, 2011
foodiemommy in Home Cooking

Hamilton area wedding venue. Help!

I would call/go down to The Pearl Company and see if they can help you out. If their space isn't suitable, then I'll bet they would love to make some suggestions for you for a unique Hamilton wedding. Good luck and please let us know where you end up.
We also came from Toronto to Hamilton and really like it here.

Afternoon Hallowe'en party foods for kids and for adults

Hi all,
We are hosting a party on the afternoon of Hallowe'en for 20-25 kids and their parents. No allergies or other dietary restrictions, but we do want to go easy on the sugar (at the very reasonable request of the other parents), since it's pre-trick or treating time.
We have a bbq, two ovens, two stovestops and two crockpots to work with. I have a few days off work before the party so we can (and want to) do most of the prep in advance.
I am looking for some "fun", tasty, easy to eat, and hopefully some make-ahead foods that will appeal to both the adults and the kids and that I can make to fit a Hallowe'en theme.
Thanks so much.

Oct 18, 2010
foodiemommy in Home Cooking

Good Food in Hamilton?!

Hi jingloh, and welcome to Hamilton. I too was dismayed when I moved to Hamilton 6 years ago, but now I am ashamed of my ignorance, because Hamilton is a great place to live. I know Mike from Hamilton and his list and you can count on both. One more thing: if you're really going to enjoy living in Hamilton, you can't be too put off by appearances. Some of the greatest treasures of the city don't look like much.

restaurants in TO using paper placemats printed with cocktail suggestions?

I know you asked about Toronto, but I'm fairly certain these are still in use at Cathay House in Hamilton, where you will also find 70s' amber-coloured water glasses.

Maple Syrup ideas

Lots of uses in our house - here are a few:
-in coffee
-sauce (with butter) over bread pudding
-in baking
-maple frosting for cakes
-great with pork (lots of ideas online)
-use with veg (example: carrots)
-on yogurt, cereal, ice cream
-in smoothies
-I won't lie - sometimes I drink a little with hot water in winter.

Sep 07, 2010
foodiemommy in Home Cooking

What TV Chefs have given you ‘mostly’ consistent recipes vs those that have been hit and miss.

My favourites for recipes that work for me as an average home cook are Jacques Pepin, Jamie Oliver, Ina Garten, Tyler Florence and - haven't seen his name yet on this thread - maybe because he might not be on-air outside of Canada - Ricardo Larrivee.

Sep 07, 2010
foodiemommy in Food Media & News

ISO Peach Ice Cream

Stoney Creek Dairy has one, but I'm not sure if that particular flavour is one that is sold in stores.

Stoney Creek Dairy Bar
135 King St E, Stoney Creek, ON L8G1L4, CA

Karolina's in Hamilton closed?

Thanks Mike for letting us know and of course for checking it out. I think I need some of that soup!

Karolina's in Hamilton closed?

Apparently they're open - friend were able to reserve for last night. No feedback yet.

Karolina's in Hamilton closed?

Thanks for checking, Mike. The Timmins folks and I appreciate it.

Karolina's in Hamilton closed?

Friends are in town from 12 hours away and wanted to eat at Karolina's on Barton in Hamilton. There is no answer at the restaurant, and I seem to recall hearing a few months ago that the restaurant was closing due to a passing in the family. Can anyone confirm?

Any recommendations for Thunder Bay??

hoito pancake house.

ISO - Good fish option in Hamilton/Burlington area

How about heading down to James Street North in Hamilton for a Portuguese feast? Wild Orchid? Ventura's Signature?

ISO Great Restaurant in Hamilton

Lots of good threads on Hamilton restaurants. I take out-of-towners to Mex-I-Can, Chicago Style Pizza Hut, and Boo's. You can read up on all of them on this board and online.

Passing of Sam Fujisaka - Please share Memories

I'm going to have a balut for Sam. Condolences to his family and friends from a big fan.

Apr 15, 2010
foodiemommy in Site Talk

Good Eats in Stoney Creek

Second the Vicars for wings in a cozy setting. And hi Mike, we miss you!

Good Eats in Stoney Creek

There's Stoney Creek Dairy Bar (when the season opens), and attached to that you can get a good poutine at Hutch's. I don't recommend the poutine and the ice cream on the same visit, but that's your call :-)
We also get take-out from Miss Thailand, near the Denningers. I like the Drunken Noodles.

Stoney Creek Dairy Bar
135 King St E, Stoney Creek, ON L8G1L4, CA

Where can I find Tiger Tail ice cream?

Stoney Creek Dairy Bar - King St. E. in Stoney Creek. I forget when they open for the season.