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Vegan but not only

Encuentro it is. Menu looks great, and I can walk from the hotel.

Vegan but not only

Going to be in Oakland later in October and want to take my niece and her partner to dinner. They're both vegans; I'm not.
Looking for a place that features high quality sustainable/organic/local fare that would have vegan options for them and a more expanded menu for me. I'm a wino, so a good wine list would be a plus.
Also, they're pretty casual so nothing too fancy.

Breakfast suggestions

Visiting in December; renting a house in the Quarter.
Suggestions for breakfast places?
Also, was thinking of heading out to the Camellia Grill since I had a great breakfast there years ago. How is it these days?

Jul 29, 2014
chinnyttown in New Orleans

Feedback please!

Like you, went to New Orleans for the first time in years last December. Had a fine meal at Cochon, but the clear winner was the dinner at Clancy's. So like Blumie I would strongly recommend you go there. One of the best meals I've had anywhere in a while.

Jul 29, 2014
chinnyttown in New Orleans

Seeking recommendations Staunton, Charlottesville, Harrisonburg VA

A restaurant in C-Ville that has been good for a long time is the C&O. Also, for lunch, consider the Michie Tavern, a historic site down the hill from Monticello. Despite it being kind of touristy, I think their fried chicken is excellent. It's part of an all you can eat buffet with many good sides.

Jul 21, 2014
chinnyttown in Mid-Atlantic

Maryland/Delaware Shore Restaurants?

Have reservations for the Grove Market; staying in Fenwick; have been to Liquid Assets and Off the Hook in the past and will probably go to one or both again. Any recommendations for good food of any kind, from very casual to higher end?

Baltimore restaurant for both vegetarians and omnivores

Unless I missed it, no one has mentioned b bistro in Bolton Hill. Owned by the same group as Helmand and Tapas Teatro. I took a client group there in April and one was a vegetarian. All were pleased. Very nice space; kind of intimate. They seem to always have several vegetarian options, and the food has been consistently good.

Date night restaurant in the Inner Harbor

Recommended Peter's to an out of town friend in for business and they loved it. As gregb says, it's real Baltimore. But for what Allison is looking for, I think Waterfront would be a better bet. If you go there, see if you can get one of the tables by the window.

One night out--Cunningham's or Oyster Bay Grille?

In my opinion, the parking at Cunningham's is not a big deal. It's in a garage, but it's valet. You just go up an elevator to the ground floor and you're there. The valet can direct.
Speedy healing.

One Dinner in New Orleans

Bayona would be an option. Been good for decades; has a great wine list too if you're into that.

Jun 19, 2014
chinnyttown in New Orleans

One night out--Cunningham's or Oyster Bay Grille?

Haven't been to the Oyster but was just at Cunningham's Tuesday night. Sat in the back room which seems a bit more formal and quiet. Can recommend the scallop and fried oyster appetizers and the lamb main course. All (especially the lamb) were excellent. Their breads (made in house) are very good; service is professional. It was half price wine night (not sure it's Wednesday too) and if you can go then and you enjoy good wine that might tip it in their favor. We had an excellent 2008 Ramey Hudson Chardonnay that was almost reasonable at half price and a 2001 Rioja that Parker gave 95 points to and was only $42 with the discount. It went perfectly with the lamb.
Is Oyster Bay new? Is it possible we have two new serious and good restaurants in Towson? What is this world coming to?

Bistro "b" in Bolton Hill

Been to many of the places rated as tops in B'more by Baltimore Mag and the Sun, and this is consistently near the top for me, for all the reasons you enumerate. Took an out of town client group of 16 there for dinner on a Sunday in April, and, despite the small size of the kitchen, everything came out together, and the group was so impressed.
Really can't recommend it highly enough.

A belated report and need feedback for a return

So many choices; so little time. Several of those were high on my list and I hear what you are saying about repeating.
After NYC, San Fran, Chicago, and maybe LA, NOLA has got to be the best food city in America after the big ones.

Jun 15, 2014
chinnyttown in New Orleans

First "Adult Night" dining out dinner

I remember a Melba dessert that I got a lot of the time but I don't think it was peach. I seem to remember strawberries. It was the same ice cream with fresh fruit and a raspberry sauce. That was my summer dessert; the hot fudge sundae (which was their signature dessert) was more of a winter option.
My wife and I always split their house chopped salad to start. They had great bread and very artfully presented butter. They were known for their soft shells, lobster cardinale, and lamb chops. We also often got fried zucchini and eggplant which were purportedly cooked in beef suet.

Weekend in Baltimore, Must Eats?

I second b Bistro and Peter's Inn; also the Food Market and Birrotecca in Hampden; Fleet St. Kitchen in Harbor East; Thames St. Oyster House in Fells Point; the Brewer's Art in Mt. Vernon; and the Wine Market in Locust Point.

Parts and Labor - any thoughts?

Not sure exactly but skirt is the preferred cut for fajitas. It should be marinated; it's pretty thin and comes in a roll.

Parts and Labor - any thoughts?

Given how far Baltimore has come, I think people can shelve their pompous snarky comments. Just the facts, please.

Dim Sum

Where is the best dim sum in the Baltimore area? In DC?

Best FLOUR tortillas in Balt

I know they have good corn tortillas at Sinaloa but where are Baltimore's best flour tortillas (to buy for home cooking)?

Parts and Labor - any thoughts?

First of all I'm so glad I discovered this site.
You mentioned Ceriello. I haven't been to P&L but Ceriello has always been my go-to place for fine meats. I found a recipe in Bon Appetit's February issue for fajitas that called for skirt steak. Hadn't cooked with that cut before but getting it prime at C and with that marinade (secret ingredient - hot smoked Spanish paprika) grilled over charcoal was the best ever.

Texas Hound coming to town for 3-4 days. Correct my itinerary . . .

I second the recommendation for b Bistro. Great neighborhood spot if you haven't already made Sunday dinner plans. Plus with the glorious (typical - ha ha) weather they have outdoor tables in one of Baltimore's grand old sections.

First "Adult Night" dining out dinner

Baltimore born and bred; not young any more but hope it's OK to respond to this fun topic.
The first fine dining date I had in Baltimore with my future wife was at Marconi's, which I miss dearly.
It was the favorite of the Sun critic John Dorsey. It was old fashioned even then (roughly 1978) with professional tuxedoed waiters and a menu that never changed.
We had what I remember as being a fine dinner but the most memorable part was dessert. I was expecting some cart full of pastries but that was not to be. Our waiter was Japanese and a very solemn dude. When I asked him what was good for dessert, he said, without a trace of a smile in his accented English: "we have best hot fudge sundae in town." How could I not order that? And boy was he right. One bowl of rich vanilla ice cream; a separate bowl of house made hot fudge sauce. I was hooked.

A belated report and need feedback for a return

Went last December. First thing to say is that folks in New Orleans sure know about hospitality.
Stayed at Ashton's B&B which I can highly recommend. Beautiful old house (was originally a single family home of about 12,000 sq. feet); owners long time NOLA residents and extremely knowledgeable; breakfasts elaborate and delicious.
Had three dinners and two lunches:
Cochon: cool place; loved the food and the many piggy variations; interesting drinks, beers, and a decent wine list; service very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend.
Upperline: only other time I had been to NOLA was for a convention 20+ years ago. Ate there and hostess/owner was so gracious and treated me (a single diner) so well I just had to come back when I found out she still owned the place. Had a very good dinner. Best part, being a wine lover, was they had on their list (which by the way you have to call for and have them fax to you) the last vintage Turley made of the Moore "Earthquake" Zinfandel (so called because the vines were planted the year of the great San Francisco earthquake in the very early 1900's). They also had a 1994 Dominus on the list!!!!
Clancy's: incredible experience; professional service from old school (in the best way) tuxedoed waiters; fried oysters with Brie (who would have thought); crab salad; and probably the best fish dish I have ever had (don't remember the type - it was a special, but it was topped with crabmeat and a buerre blanc sauce). They have an incredible wine list (something about NOLA that frankly surprised me) with a whole page of small Champagne houses among many delights.
Had one lunch at Mandina's for po' boys which was good if not great. The other lunch, though, included the best fried chicken ever at Willie Mae's Scotch House and also included the perfect side dish to go with the spicy chicken - butter beans.
One other comment: saw an incredible concert at Tipitina's. Went because one of the guest guitar players was from Little Feat. Headliner was Anders Osborne who plays in kind of the Little Feat style. Amazing music and a fun place to be for that kind of thing.
Now the request for feedback. We had such a great time we're going back this December. Tentative lineup as follows:
- have to go back to Clancy's
- dinners at Bayona (great sounding food and another insane wine list) and Commander's (ditto).
- lunches at Casamento's and Dooky Chase (for my fried chicken fix).
P.S. wish we had your Times Picayune restaurant critic here in Baltimore. Blanking out on his name but love his writing and recommendations.
P.P.S. Baltimore has become a really good restaurant town of late; be glad to give recommendations for my favorite home town places.

Jun 15, 2014
chinnyttown in New Orleans

NOLA - First Timer - Need Recommendations

On my last trip in December we had a fine dinner at Cochon which I think would be perfect for your family. Our best dinner was at Clancy's which was more dressy but not stuffy. Classic New Orleans cooking. Take a look at their menu online and try not to salivate.
We also had lunch with maybe the best fried chicken ever at Willie Mae's Scotch House. Have fun.

Jun 15, 2014
chinnyttown in New Orleans

Good eats on our 4th trip to NOLA?

Were there last December and had a great dinner at Clancy's, a classic place with great food, service, and an incredible wine list (also a huge selection on single malt scotches in their nice bar area). Also had a fun dinner with really good food at Cochon. For some of the best fried chicken anywhere go to Willie Mae's Scotch House.

Jun 15, 2014
chinnyttown in New Orleans

First time staying in Baltimore

I like Doc's recommendation for Faidley's - for lunch.
Some other recommendations for dinner:
Peter's Inn - was a little bar; now a cool place with real character and good food. Some caveats - no reservations; and while they open at 5:30, you can't order your dinner until 6:30. Still might be worth it.
Wine Market - Federal Hill/Locust Point. Food has always been good and it's a nice re-use of an industrial space
The two above would require a car or cab, but there is also the B&O American Brasserie which you could walk to. Haven't been there in about a year, but it was good and gets good reviews.
Have fun!

Food Lover's Guide to Baltimore

May have missed your deadline, but here goes anyway:
BMore has had a resurgence in the last few years of small, locally owned restaurants serving good food.
Unless I missed it, I didnt' see Charleston. Far and away the best restaurant in town. It'll definitely set you back, but worth it. Service is impeccable.
Also didn't see b Bistro in Bolton Hill. I do have to say I haven't been there in a few months, and they have a new chef. But this had become my favorite small local restaurant in town.
Also recommend Peter's Inn, the Wine Market, Blue Hill Tavern, and the Chameleon Cafe.
Another place where I've had consistently good food is the Corner BYOB in Hampden, and it's a half block away from BMore's best liquor store - the Wine Source (and they also have a very nice selection of cheese and charcuterie).

Driving NYC to NOLA: via Charlottesville, NC section of blue ridge..Alabama

Well, Littleman, since you've mentioned three of my favorite places in VA, I was wondering if you had any suggestions for places to eat in Staunton, other than Mrs. Rowe's?
I've always loved both Southern Kitchen and Mrs. Rowes. As long as people don't expect anything fancy, but enjoy well prepared regional cooking, both of these places are great. It's good to hear the C&O is still a good place - my wife and I first went there 15-20 years ago.
My kids are now at an age where they eat anything, and are pretty adventurous.

Southern Kitchen
606 S Madison St, Whiteville, NC 28472

Aug 07, 2011
chinnyttown in Southeast