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Go Nostalgic or Go New?

Consider renting a house in the quarter; we just found a great house a block off Bourbon (on St. Ann) on VRBO. Two bedrooms two full baths and a second floor balcony.
For oysters I recommend Casamento's (raw and their oyster loaf). For dinner Clancy's - fits your requirements and one of the best anywhere (and a favorite of Chowhounders).

Feb 06, 2015
chinnyttown in New Orleans

Where to eat breakfast?

Stayed at the Ashton B&B December 2013. Beautiful mansion with big and elegant rooms. Owners are great resources and breakfasts were gourmet and incredible. Not in the Quarter but not far.
This December we found a house to rent in the quarter on VRBO. That was good because some mornings we didn't feel like eating too much and the owners provided good coffee. We had a good breakfast at the Grill in the Quarter; not fancy just good food. Heard good things about Stanley and Ruby Slipper.

Feb 06, 2015
chinnyttown in New Orleans

NorCal Hounds with kids heading to NOLA: Feedback on my proposed plan, please!

If your children are well behaved and adventurous I think Clancy's would be fine. As a relatively new visitor from the East Coast it's one of my favorite restaurants anywhere.
Was just in New Orleans in December and liked everything about Bayona; service was excellent.
Went to Willie Mae's last year; Dookie this year. Willie Mae's fried chicken (and butter beans) wins hands down for me.
Loved Casamento's for the raw oysters and oyster loaf. Plus it has a unique atmosphere (been around almost 100 years).

Feb 01, 2015
chinnyttown in New Orleans

Emiril's New Orleans

I third Clancy's. If you're into wine both Clancy's and Bayona have excellent lists.

Feb 01, 2015
chinnyttown in New Orleans

Recomendations for 3 days in New Orleans

While maybe not a typical Po' boy place but if you like oysters I recommend Casamento's. Get a dozen raw then their oyster loaf. Almost 100 years old and still going strong.

Jan 27, 2015
chinnyttown in New Orleans

McDonald's walks fine line with 'Signs' commercial

Check out the big brain on Brad!

Jan 22, 2015
chinnyttown in Food Media & News

Affordable, vegan friendly restaurants in SF or East Bay area?

I second Encuentro. I eat anything; my niece and her husband are vegan. This place was great for all three of us. They also have a nice wine list of organic/sustainable wineries. I've never been to Oakland before but I liked the area; seems like it's "on the rise."

Casual business dinner

You have a point. I'm curious whether you've seen any change in the quality of the food at Brigtsen's.

Jan 14, 2015
chinnyttown in New Orleans

A Long Weekend Plan

Foreman and Wolf run some of Baltimore's best restaurants. The Petit Louis in Baltimore is the one I go to, and the last three meals there have been the best ever (their roast chicken for two was great). I've been to the Columbia location once for lunch and it seemed comparable. So I think that's good choice - for lunch or dinner.
For an only in Baltimore experience you may want to consider Pierpoint for their smoked crab cakes.

Casual business dinner

I'm going to post something similar to what I have recently so please excuse that. I was in town a month ago for three nights. Our dinners were at Clancy's, Bayona, and Brigtsen's. For my friend and my tastes, Clancy's was the clear winner and would be a great choice for a group of six. We also liked Bayona a lot. Brigtsen's however was a big disappointment. The food seemed tired - too much of it and not that good. We went there because it has such a good reputation amount Chowhounders, so maybe it was an off night. Even if it was, I still go with Blumie's recommendation of Clancy's.

Jan 12, 2015
chinnyttown in New Orleans

veal spare ribs

So I'm clearly clueless and not sure where the DMV is. But if you're any where near Baltimore call Ceriello (I think that's the right spelling), the excellent butcher in the Belvedere Square market. If anyone has them, they would. Another alternative may be a Wegman's.

Willie Mae's: original vs Grocery and Deli?

So I'm not a local and not a professed "expert" on fried chicken. But I started coming to New Orleans last year and wanted to try the top fried chicken places. Last year we went to Willie Mae's; this year Dookie Chase. My traveling companion lined in LA for many years. We both agreed WM was far superior; I thought it was the best I had ever had. It had a great crunch and just the right amount of heat for me. Plus they had butter beans which were the perfect compliment. Dookie was just OK. A caveat - this was the original; haven't been to the Grocery and Deli. Both WM and DC really seem like family run operations.

Jan 07, 2015
chinnyttown in New Orleans

NOLA trip for babymoon :)

For a great oyster po boy and a cool old fashioned place try Casamento's which is out Magazine(I think).

Jan 05, 2015
chinnyttown in New Orleans

September Honeymoon

Stayed last year at Ashton's B&B. A bit outside the Quarter but not too far. Beautiful and romantic and the owners are natives. For a top notch restaurant very popular with locals go to Clancy's.

Jan 05, 2015
chinnyttown in New Orleans

High End Dining with Great Wine

Just found this thread but thought I would chime in. IMO Clancy's has a great wine list: nice selection of small Champagne houses; lots of high quality Cali Cabs from the mid 90's (Montelena; Pahlmeyer); good selection of Ch. de Pape, plus I love the food. Bayona also has a very impressive wine list. Had a Sagrantino from Paolo Bea in Umbria (just featured in Saveur); a Mann Riesling Schlossberg that was beautiful; and a 1994 Dow's Port. How many places have such an eclectic selection of fine wines?

Jan 02, 2015
chinnyttown in New Orleans

NOLA trip for babymoon :)

Was just there in early December. Loved Clancy's; has become one of my favorite restaurants anywhere. Best sweetbreads ever; fried eggplant, shrimp Remoulade, and oysters with Brie are also excellent for apps. Truly great wine list (maybe for next time). We also went to Brigtsen's with high expectations given the praise it's received here. But other than the squash and shrimp bisque and the pecan pie, it was mediocre at best. The duck and Cochon main courses really were not good at all and way too much food. Our third dinner was at Bayona which we really enjoyed. We also had a very good breakfast at The Grill in the Quarter- nothing fancy, just good basic breakfast. Finally, had a fine oyster-centric lunch at Casamento's.

Dec 31, 2014
chinnyttown in New Orleans

Interesting Sunday Lunch (not brunch) in Charm City?

Places I saw on Open Table open for Sunday lunch:
B Bistro in Bolton Hill
B&O Brasserie near the Inner Harbor
Wine Market in Locust Point
Ten Ten in Harbor East
Note sure about their menus but have had good meals in all of them.

Lunch between Alexandria & Ellicott City

Check out Aida Bistro in Columbia. Nice casual Italian place with good food. Another alternative is Petit Louis on the lake in Columbia. Very good French bistro. Both would be near you; parking would be better at Aida.

Baltimore Fried Oysters

I second Thames St. They also have an excellent selection of raw oysters.

Help Planning a 5-Day Stay in NOLA

Just went to NOLA in early December; Clancy's and Bayona were great experiences; Brigtsen's not so much.

Dec 28, 2014
chinnyttown in New Orleans

Help Planning a 5-Day Stay in NOLA

According to Urban Spoon Willie Mae's is closed Sunday. But do try to go - best fried chicken (and butter beans) I've ever had. Try to get to Clancy's - classy but not stuffy, full of locals, great food and service. Another fine only in New Orleans place, if you like oysters, is Casamento's. Get raw oysters and the oyster loaf. Also, have you checked out the shows at Tipitina's? Saw an amazing Anders Osborne show when we were in town several weeks ago.
And not sure how your appetites are, but you may not want to do all three meals out in one day - you may explode.

Dec 25, 2014
chinnyttown in New Orleans

Decent Choices?

I second Clancy's. Had a great meal there when we were in town last weekend. We also went to Brigtsen's. I have to say we were rather disappointed. The only things that lived up to expectations were the butternut shrimp soup and the pecan pie. The two main courses, both of which came recommended (duck and cochon du lait) just weren't good. Had a better meal this year at Bayona and last year at Cochon and at Upperline. Also had a fine lunch (raw oysters and oyster loaf) at Casamento's.

Dec 13, 2014
chinnyttown in New Orleans

Willie Mae's Dooky Chase fried chicken smack down

Started coming last year; love fried chicken. From everything I had read there were two choices for lunch: Willie Mae's and Dooky Chase. Went to Willie Mae's last year; Dooky yesterday. Both my friend and I (he lived here for many years) agree Willie Mae's was the clear winner. Skin was crisp and not at all greasy and the flavor and spice were deep and complex. Also thought their butter beans were superior. Now don't get me wrong - I would kill to have a Dooky Chase in Baltimore! And they had some great sides as part of the buffet (Creole mustard potato salad and shrimp and squash casserole in particular). Interestingly, our cabbie (who was clearly a local) scoffed at our opinion and said we didn't know what we were talking about.
Just thought it would be fun to get a conversation going.

Dec 06, 2014
chinnyttown in New Orleans

New Orleans Bachelor Party Dinner/Private Dining

I love Blumie's recommendation. I'm from out of town and started a tradition last year with a good friend of coming to New Orleans for three days of high quality eating. We're here now. The only restaurant that was a repeat from last year was Clancy's. We ate there last night and it was fantastic. I really think for the whole experience it's one of the best restaurants I've ever been to. And locals will be very impressed that you picked it.

Dec 06, 2014
chinnyttown in New Orleans

Please help me perfect my plan - LONG

For lunches you may want to consider Casamento's if you like oysters or Dookie Chase or Willie Mae's for fried chicken. But then, as noted previously, you may explode.

Dec 03, 2014
chinnyttown in New Orleans

my list of restaurants for three days

How about Casamento's for lunch on Tuesday? Provided you like all things oyster.

Nov 28, 2014
chinnyttown in New Orleans

Weight your own vegetables at Wegmans

I do, mostly because it seems to speed things up. And some cashiers have thanked me for doing it.

Nov 27, 2014
chinnyttown in Chains

Remember St. Honore?

I'm pretty sure this was the name of the place. It was on Broadway in Fells Point. We went there in the 80's, I think. Closed long ago. The host (owner?) was a very kind older gentleman. It was a homey kind of old fashioned country French restaurant. I particularly remember a dish called steak d'Auvergnat - creamy sauce made with Bleu d'Auvergne.
Anyone else remember?

Requesting Course/Wine Progression Assistance, Please!

For the fifth course, if it's cool/cold where you are I have an old recipe from Food and Wine (Gordon Hamersley) for a slow cooked brisket with Asian flavors; goes perfectly with a Turley or Carlisle Zinfandel. It's easy and once it's in the oven it cooks for 2 1/2 hours. Not exactly fancy food but never fails to please.

Nov 19, 2014
chinnyttown in Wine

What's for Dinner #335 - Is Everyone Feeling the Chill? [through Nov. 24, 2014]

Turned cold here in Baltimore - 18 this AM. Which means it was time for my favorite cold weather dish from the January 1997 Food & Wine (from Gordon Hamersley) - he called it Red-Cooked Beef with Cinnamon. Brisket seared in an enameled cast iron Creuset casserole, then cooked for 2 1/2 hours at 350 with sherry, orange juice, soy sauce, honey, cinnamon sticks, five-spice powder, garlic, ginger, coriander seeds, crushed red pepper (and water). House always smells amazing. Goes perfectly with a Turley or Carlisle Zinfandel.