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Surviving without electricity

i dont know if a link, i hope you have internet access :).

a lot of cooking sites have no cook sections!

Nov 03, 2011
astam in Home Cooking

Ideas for Japanese Dinner Party & are both sites devoted to Japanese cooking, but for some really quick ideas i found:, and if u want to make the kids happy try:

Aug 01, 2011
astam in Home Cooking

I HATE radishes, but I have a bunch. What do I do with them??

you might actually really go for radish au gratin. they end up tasting like potatoes, but without all the carbs and startch: or try sneaking a few into a salad, there its a nice subtle flavor: or even in a relish

Jul 25, 2011
astam in Home Cooking

Spicing up the sandwich?

if you want to go simple u can go with a basic meatloaf sandwich: or to go a little fancier try

Jul 25, 2011
astam in Home Cooking

Any good Kosher Cooking websites?

there is a great cooking board at they have great recipes and discussions, i found it by accident when looking for a great challah recipe and it even had no eggs so my highly allergic neice and nephew could eat it!!! lately i have also gotten into and have posted a few of my own recipes there as well. i am also a huge fan of and, sometimes i need to figure out how to substitute but often they have items listed as non-dairy, or pareve etc. good luck.

Jul 22, 2011
astam in Kosher

Frugal meals

i got a bunch for u:
1. - u dont need the fancy sauce, its just fanicer potatoes
2. just dressed up rice, and colorful
3. breakfast: - u can use a cheaper cheese

Jul 14, 2011
astam in Home Cooking

Healthy alternatives to honey for use in granola bars. - if u want to go to the extreme substitute 1/3 cup raw sugar with one tsp pure molasses or even better agave syrup

Jul 11, 2011
astam in Home Cooking

BBQ Party Ideas

next time try adding something different to the salsa bar, and perfect for the summer:

Jul 05, 2011
astam in Home Cooking

Cabin Cooking for 30- Need menu inspiration

u can never go wrong with marinated sticky ribs. try something tangier just bring lots of wipeys! and match it with some kinda of matching salsa

Jul 05, 2011
astam in Home Cooking