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Basic Omelet

This is the way I tried to make omelettes all my life, and always hated the wet gooey insides. I like my omelettes light and fluffy, but they HAVE to be flipped and both sides cooked before fillings are added, or I can't et them. I finally got a good pan, practiced for months, and now make a great omelette. NO gooey eggs for me!

Aug 02, 2012
Foodbrowser in Recipes

Clerico (SangrĂ­a Blanco)

I lived in Uruguay for a time and my friends there taught me to make clerico EXACTLY this way, NEVER with red wine, except they add orange liquer and/or sparkling cider for extra kick. I was hoping to find a recipe with those added, in order to know exact amounts. Guess I'll just add "to taste."

Jul 04, 2011
Foodbrowser in Recipes