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What to do with cheese powder

I've used it as an accompaniment to and as a substitute for flour in batters for dipping various items such as a homemade version of the Cheese Frenchee once served by the now defunct King's Food Host, fried fish and fish sandwiches, and fried chicken strips with pretty tasty results.

Sep 04, 2013
rw253 in Home Cooking

Watching an adjacent diner's meal in disbelief and envy

I agree. I undoubtedly have an American midwesterner's approach to international cuisine, as I was born as raised here in the midwest, but I don't really care for shells on my shrimp, nor on any other food, either. They may be edible, but if you're not familiar with the full breadth of a particular cuisine or of how a food was intended to be eaten, you'll probably not think to eat the shell unless someone mentions that they're edible first. No one I know would eat the shells.

Jul 03, 2011
rw253 in General Topics

Other uses of Ketjap Manis

I found mine at an Asian grocery next door to the Farmer's Market in KC. I've never seen it anywhere else, though.

Jul 03, 2011
rw253 in General Topics

worst represented food in KC? ie. what should we eat lots of before moving to KC?

There are lots of good restaurants focusing on specific cuisines, such as Indian, Vietnamese or middle-eastern, but few restaurants or grocery stores that cater to international palettes, other than simple Asian or Mexican fare. For instance, I live on the east side of Kansas City in Independence and would love to see a true gyro shop somewhere close by.

For the best pizza, I'd recommend Funhouse Pizza on the east side (Raytown & Independence, specifically). I consider it the best in the area, but it is definitely a local thing and their pizzas bear little or no resemblance to most New York or Chicago style pizzas. I would also recommend D'Bronx. They're probably as close as you're going to get to your usual pizza fare.

After the move, if you'd like to contact me, I'll be glad to help steer you in the right directions.

I hope this helps.

Jul 03, 2011
rw253 in Great Plains

Other uses of Ketjap Manis

I bought this thinking it was traditional soy sauce. Boy, was I surprised. After researching it further, I decided to use it in a marinade for some beef round I had on hand and discovered a great component for future use.

The beef round was approximately 2-inches thick and was cut against the grain into slices approximately 3/4-inch thick.

My marinade consisted of:

1 cup Welch's Grape juice
1/4 cup ABC Sweet Soy Sauce, Kecap Manis
1/4 cup toasted sesame oil
1/4 cup Worchestershire Sauce
3 fresh garlic cloves, minced.
1 large sprig of fresh rosemary, finely chopped
8-10 medium fresh basil leaves, finely chopped
3 capfuls Mesquite Liquid Smoke
3 tablespoons cider or red wine vinegar
1 tablespoon hot sauce
Salt & Pepper to taste

The beef was then allowed to marinate overnight.

After careful grilling, the beef was wonderfully juicy and had a sweet quality that was well-balanced by the savoriness of the other ingredients.

Jul 03, 2011
rw253 in General Topics