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Time Out's "EatOut" Awards--Jade

Time Out did review DB in this week's issue and gave it a good review, so perhaps it will qualify for next year's awards.

Apr 12, 2007
mistahone in Outer Boroughs

great Japanese in Forest Hills

I've been there twice and both times the food was terrific. The best sushi I've had in Queens so far, and I've been to quite a few places both in Forest Hills and beyond. I second the Futomaki and the Tuna & Avocado appetizer was excellent as well. In addition very good service and nice looking place. I don't want to lose it either!

Mar 21, 2007
mistahone in Outer Boroughs

Making a Case for...Mood and a Movie in Kew Gardens

I think the name of the Indian place is Mehak. I've ordered takeout a few times, and while it's not on the level of Mina's as far as creativity, for standard Indian fare I thought it was very solid and consistent. It's now my go to spot for Indian takeout in the Forest Hills/Kew Gardens area.

Mar 01, 2007
mistahone in Outer Boroughs

Ran Japanese Restaurant in Forest Hills

It's on Metropolitan Ave across the street and a little bit west of DB Wine Bar.

Feb 23, 2007
mistahone in Outer Boroughs

Ran Japanese Restaurant in Forest Hills

I was there again this past Sunday and it was as good as the first time. This time we tried the plum & shiso leaf roll which was quite good and intense although maybe not to everyone's liking. The host also brought out what I believe was a red miso soup which was above and beyond the usual miso. I'm looking forward to trying some of the cooked dished on my next visit.

Feb 22, 2007
mistahone in Outer Boroughs

Ran Japanese Restaurant in Forest Hills

I was at RAN on Saturday night, incidentally after not being able to get into DB without a wait, and it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. From the outside it's hard to tell if it's any different than any other Japanese restaurant in Queens with an awning, but it is. First off, it's Japanese owned, which is a good start in my book considering that all of the Japanese restaurants in Queens are owned by Chinese and Koreans.

The food I thought was quite authentic as well. The sushi was very fresh and delicate, the miso soup nice and smokey and the futomaki roll very fresh and tasty. Also fantastic, was the very simple but very tasty tuna & avocado salad. It was just a few large fresh peices of tuna and several pieces of avocado in a ponzu or citrusy sauce. Excellent. The interior was a nice departure as well, with celdaon walls Klimt paintings and no blonde wood or lanterns.

I highly recommend and will be back again myself.

Jan 29, 2007
mistahone in Outer Boroughs


Without a doubt the best egg nog I've had in NYC is from RonnyBrook dairy which has a store in the chelsea market.

Dec 19, 2006
mistahone in Manhattan

soup dumplings

An unlikely source, but Heavenly Bamboo on 39th bet. madison and 5th makes the best soup dumplings I've had in NYC, not to mention fantastic veggie dumplings as well. Was just there this past weekend and also recommend the satin loofah with edamame. Great service too, as they aim to please and you can tell that they're very proud of their restaurant and really care.

Aug 29, 2006
mistahone in Manhattan


That's funny, cause I've had both Sabra hummus and the humus from Pahal Zan, and they tast completely different. Sabra's hummus, while not bad compared to supermarket brands, has less taste and is almost chalky compared to Pahal Zan's which is smooth and creamy and very tasty. I've had other salads there as well and they taste and look nothing like Sabra's salads. All anyone has to do to know they're not the same is to taste them.

Jul 26, 2006
mistahone in Outer Boroughs


In addition to the great chicken pita, Pahal Zan in Forest Hills also has the best hummus.

Jul 25, 2006
mistahone in Outer Boroughs

Chinese in Murray Hill

Heavenly Bamboo, perhaps a bit outside of Murray Hill at 39th bet. Madison & 5th, serves the standards and the familiar but also has great Shanghai style cooking with the best soup dumplings and veggie dumplings I've had in NYC so far.

Jul 17, 2006
mistahone in Manhattan

Fantastic Shanghai restaurant in midtown

On the recommendation of my girlfriend, who is Chinese, we discovered an unlikely gem in midtown on 39th st. bet. Madison and 5th. The name is kinda confusing. It's either called Heavenly Bamboo or Asia Culture inc. or both. From the looks of the place I wasn't expecting much, although the decor is certainly more pleasant than most Chinatown restaurants. They do serve the usual American Chinese and lunch specials, but much to my surprise they also serve authentic and excellent Shanghai cuisine.

First off, they had great dim sum including the best soup dumplings I've had in NYC which is saying something. Who'd imagine great soup dumplings in a generic looking Chinese restaurant in Midtown?Wonderful vegetable dumplings as well, with delicate dough and lots of veggie filling. The appetizers we tried were excellent including smoked fish, bean curd with parsley and Kao Fu, which is like a marinated tofu that tastes both sweet and and smoky.

For the main courses we had a sea bass with the special spicy house sauce, Wu Xi spare ribs, baby shrimp with white wine sauce and satin loofah (a delicate and tasty cucumber like veggie in a light sauce. Everything was, once again, fantastic. We also had the Crsipy Duck which we thought was tasty but a little fatty. Otherwise me and my girlfriend loved everything, and she knows her shanghai cuisine.

Another big plus was the warm and gracious and knowledgeable host, who suggested what to order and explained each dish to us in detail when we asked. She also emphasized that everything is fresh and not frozen and no msg.

Forgive me if I'm gushing, but it's the best Chinese food I've had in a long time, and we will definitely be going back for more. I highly recommend this gem of a restaurant on a somewhat desolate stretch of 39th st.

Jul 09, 2006
mistahone in Manhattan