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Proud Torontoians! Where to bring serious foodies from NYC?

With regard to Roti, my west indian friends recommend
in the downtown area
Island Foods at King & Dufferin

and highly recommended
in the east end (Scarborough)
ACR Rotis & Doubles, 2680 Lawrence Ave. East (at Midland)

in the west end (Rexdale)
Drupati's, 925 Albion Rd. (at Islington)

Nov 21, 2008
MegTor in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Proud Torontoians! Where to bring serious foodies from NYC?

I would also second:
and suggest Mini Market or Supermarket for modestly priced asian fusion, with giant cocktails
Harbord Room (for local sourced food, good microbrews, relaxed atmosphere)
Niagara St Cafe (local souced as well, EXCELLENT Canadian cheese dessert selection

Nov 21, 2008
MegTor in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

UK Calling - Restaurant in Toronto for 85-90 people

Hi. I had my wedding at the Gladstone - and loved it! Food was well prepared (nothing really exotic, but all perfectly done). We had 80 people, and the room was brilliant. It is more an "informal" type of place (being a refurbished 1800's hotel) , and had a lovely relaxed atmosphere - but there is no outdoor space

Jul 30, 2008
MegTor in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

I need help...

I had my wedding last year at the Gladstone (ballroom). We had a lunch buffet for 85 people, I believe it was $20 per person for the food, the room cost $1000 (included staff, and tables + serving items etc) The food was really really really good - I was totally surprised, since we had some communication problems with the staff before the event. We had a choice of either salmon or chicken pot pie (yes, sounds ridiculous, but it was beautifully homemade, and many guests commented on how great it was. Our wedding was in the fall, so it fit it with the season)
Venue is really nice, although the area is still a bit dodgey

Sep 12, 2007
MegTor in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

China Lily Soya Sauce

I've seen it at a convenience store in my neighbourhood - in the small bottles. Store is located on the south-west corner of Harbord and Robert St - right across from the restaurant Messis (sorry, don't know the name of the store)

Sep 06, 2007
MegTor in Ontario (inc. Toronto)