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Dry Aged Prime Steaks -- Where to buy besides Bristol Farms?

Hi all. Where can I buy dry-aged Prime steaks besides Bristol Farms? Preferred cut is New York, but others will do, so long as dry-aged and Prime. Thank you.


Mar 04, 2007
tommylicious in Los Angeles Area

Is there any Prime Butcher (not Gelson's or Whole Foods) Sherman Oaks/Studio City or close?

Been trying to find a prime butcher shop in/around sherman oaks or studio city. Fed up with Gelson's & Whole Foods. Can anybody help? THANK YOU!

Oct 06, 2006
tommylicious in Los Angeles Area

Tito's Tacos -- What up with this place?

what's the deal with Tito's Tacos? what is the thing to order there and how can one avoid the lines? i see people lining up 20 minutes before they open (we go to markie d's for bitchin' good cheesesteaks).

Jul 11, 2006
tommylicious in Los Angeles Area

Where would you go if you had an 1982 chateau lafite rothschild?

i agree re: avoiding cut, mastros, boa et al-- UNLESS you clearly win the sommelier over by palming him or her a bennie franklin. even then, there is risk that they won't give you the attention you fully deserve, for you are essentially publicly eroding confidence in the wine list they get paid to put together (and get a commission on the sales therefrom-- yes, it's true). so this is risky. the comment re: valentino is interesting and i would give it appropriate weight.

personally, i can't think of anywhere in LA to properly do this...some will let you bring the bottle, but there's a lot more than that which this wine requires. you don't want a disgruntled actor/actress waiter/waitress popping the cork and dumping it into a basically a dirty water goblet.

i still say fly up to Gary Danko in SF.

Jun 30, 2006
tommylicious in Los Angeles Area