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Good restaurants in New Westminster


I've heard Burger Heaven is good, and on Columbia Square, The Cockney Kings for fish.


Burger Heaven Restaurant
77 Tenth St, New Westminster, BC V3M3X4, CA

Good restaurants in New Westminster

Thanks everybody, I'll let you know if I turn anything up noteworthy. I, too, look forward to the final opening at the Quay.


Good restaurants in New Westminster

and NOODLES! I love noodles! Noodles in soup, noodles with wonton in soup,

and dumplings. Mmmm. No wonder I am now 20 lbs overweight.

Oh Hon's.... you have become sooooo greasy unfortunately.

Good restaurants in New Westminster

I just moved to this neighborhood and know nothing about it.

Curious if you can recommend good restaurants. Favorites are Japanese,
Szechuan, Thai, Neapolitan-style pizza, fish & seafood...

I did a search and didn't find anything in direct response to it, so apologies if this has been covered.