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Could someone please explain Sip's weird wine pricing?

Very generally the prices are high but the pours are very generous. I generally do what you did not because

Only problem is I don't love their wine list. The more interesting stuff never gets ordered and sometimes gets stale during the week.

Casual Sushi Rec

Looking for somewhere in the vicinity of downtown crossing / chinatown. This would be to work into my weekly food schedule, either for takeout or eating at the sushi bar. If the fish is good, I'll generally have sashimi, part of the goal is to eat healthier.

I'm not as much of a tuna person but do eat it, really like yellowtail/hamachi, salmon, scallops and eel. Have a soft spot for Philly rolls with smoked salmon too (was how I originally started eating sushi).

I refuse to eat at Irashai, got deathly ill there from a noodle dish once.

2012 thread:

coppa,blue dragon, myers and chang

Myers & Chang handles the planning aspect well (did one there a few years back), which is nice for larger parties. Also, the drink pitchers they offer are relatively strong (ballpark you can think of each as a bottle of wine).

If you are just going with your spouse/parent/siblings, Coppa.

Parent company of Regina Pizzeria files for bankruptcy

Very very generally the seniority waterfall for unsecured claims in a reorg is customer obligations/gift cards>trade payables/suppliers>going-concern leases>unsecured lenders>bad leases.

If they had structured this properly they wouldn't need to put the parent under just to get out of a couple less than ideal restaurant locations, but relatively unsophisticated local restaurant chains rarely bother while (over)expanding.

Short Miami Beach Weekend Recs?

Will be down there next weekend staying at the Royal Palm and were looking for suggestions for a proper Saturday night dinner before going out later in the evening.

Not really looking to do a steakhouse. Even New American sounds a bit meh unless there is something really cool going on (The Dutch, Tongue & Cheek?). Thought Khong sounded like a good option until reading a few bad reviews on here. Generally avoid "chains" but was wondering if Pubbelly is like the Legal Sea Foods of Miami or actually worth what is our only proper dinner on this trip?

Alternatively, should we be looking to go to Midtown if we want good food (Gigi's sounds cool as does Sugarcane).

Group is mid 20s, guys, from NYC/Boston and combo of Asian/Indian (i.e. spicy is good).

how would you describe the Boston restaurant scene to an out of towner?

Start with seafood. Neptune for the experience, B&G for more accessible and I'm rapidly becoming a Row 34 fan as well. Yankee Lobster for a bit of the Cape. Obviously avoid the chains.

Small plates - Toro, Myers+Chang, Alden & Harlow, Cuchi Cuchi, Oleana all worth a mention. Generally comes with good drinks too.

Solid chef-led bistro style new american - Ribelle, Troquet, multiple others in neighborhoods I go to less often.

We are underrated for our bar food - generally the burgers are edible, the chicken is tender, the nachos are stacked and service is decent. This is not true most other places, and certainly not in divey bars (vs. "gastropubs).

Ice cream holds up, with various styles depending on what you like. Also a pretty good coffee scene, better than your average NYC neighborhood, although nowhere close to Seattle or San Fran.

Our pizza is underrated, probably because the slice places are way inferior to the whole pies at original Regina's and even Sal's and Upper Crust.

Boston is not good for sushi. Honestly, worth going to NYC if you must have omakase. On this whole Japanese debate, you basically need the business travel to support high-end cuisine, because it is both niche and relatively inaccessible.

Teavana: Shall we Shatter the widely held but false belief

In theory, Teavana is supposed to be a hard-goods (teacups, kettles, saucers, cast iron sets etc.) retailer. The tea behind the counter (and all the sampling and the tea bar) is to pull cross-mall traffic into the store. It is not a cafe, it is very inefficient to run an in-line cafe at A/B mall rents (exception is probably Starbucks with massive unit volumes, and even then they prefer kiosks).
Tazo on the other hand, is a premium CPG tea brand started by a guy who was basically tired of drinking Lipton. Unfortunately it doesn't travel well (Starbucks brands it's tea with a JV partner in India and as Starbucks Tea in most non-US/EU markets).

Jan 27, 2015
eastofthemississippi in Chains

HELP: Good Chinatown Restaurants that Deliver

Willing to call (but GrubHub/Foodler is a bonus, even if I have to pay a few bucks to a delivery service).

Generally get soup dumplings, scallion pancakes, pork/seafood dumplings and other finger-type food. Sometimes noodles. Less likely to order entree with rice or a whole fish.

For takeout I really like GDH and Taiwan Cafe. Love Windsor for Dim Sum. Go to Q a good amount too.

Birthday Dinner Recommendations (~12 people, early-mid 20s)

This is incredible. Will call for sure. Or maybe go for dinner tonight and inquire...

Birthday Dinner Recommendations (~12 people, early-mid 20s)

Haha my only experience with Eastern Standard is marathon monday which I assume is pretty different. Great ideas though keep them coming. My one hesitation is this would make a Fenway bar a logical choice after and I don't want to go to a Fenway bar.

Birthday Dinner Recommendations (~12 people, early-mid 20s)

I love Shojo but 15 people would be like half the restaurant so I assume they would want a deposit.

Birthday Dinner Recommendations (~12 people, early-mid 20s)

So I recently moved back to Boston and have a birthday coming up at the end of January. Looking for a nice place for dinner - full bar with good cocktails/beer/wine is important, as interesting and quality food. Most cuisines work, although if we do something "ethnic" would prefer yuppie fusion to actually authentic (along the lines of Myers & Chang not Dumpling Cafe). Will be a vegetarian or two but as long as there is one thing on the menu they can eat I'm fine with it.

So far most of the recommendations I have gotten have been in Cambridge (Craigie on Main, Cuchi Cuchi) but I live downtown and would prefer something around here (or in Back Bay/South End). Most of the great places in Boston tend to be quite formal (i.e. Troquet) or very small (Neptune). Dont' want to pay for a private room but still sit together at a single table.

Realize I need to be making inquiries now. Help me Chowhound!

Ron de Barrilito 3 Star -- ideas?

Awesome. How did you meet him out of curiosity. This is by far my favorite rum.

Dec 31, 2014
eastofthemississippi in Spirits

Abe & Louie's or Grill 23

Grill 23 is the better steakhouse. A&L only really has convenience and the big basement room (and Capital Grille actually does as well as them for that).

Bogey's is fun, but not white glove service. It is also curated, and doesn't have the full choice of cuts, apps and seafood. Curley's has a good bar program though.

For real steakhouses, Moo's is also quite good and in the running. Also generally has better availability (larger dining room) than G23.

Where to go near north waltham for good fish dinner?

Not a ton of options, naked fish is the best one. All the ethnic joints are mediocre.

How much should one expect to pay for fresh squeezed juice at a Midtown NYC hotel?

It is incredible. Got into it staying at the Parker for work but when I had a place in midtown I would go there on weekends on my own dime. Ideal hung over but I promised someone we'd get brunch place. Line is long but they text you. And you probably don't need to eat all day after that.

Also, I'm OK with the pricing because it is pretty much in line with the rest of the place. What I find absurd is hotels in Minneapolis charging $25 for a grapefruit half. My friend has a theory they did some thinking, figured the anorexic businesswomen had a $25 breakfast expense limit and would not order anything else.

Delivery sushi-- really?! [moved from Manhattan board]

Honestly I'm OK with that because the difference between decent and incredible sushi is so much bigger than decent but incredible burgers, pizza or pasta. It's only in dishes with overwhelming flavor (sushi, steak, etc.) and minimal sauce that tiny changes in freshness are detectable.

Delivery sushi-- really?! [moved from Manhattan board]

Hatsuhana and Gari both deliver in midtown. Given, it isn't top tier, but it's very acceptable sushi and an excellent food option for the banker/lawyer/salaryman spending another late night in the office.

I never get why people order from Aki or the like though, and why they are consistently the highest rated places on seamless.

Bday Dinner Reco in Chelsea/West Village

There is the Cookshop/Red Cat/Trestle on 10th trifecta in that area for New American.

How much should one expect to pay for fresh squeezed juice at a Midtown NYC hotel?

On a per glass basis Norma's in the Parker does unlimited fresh squeezed juice. Ideal for when you are thirsty / hung over.

Longest brunch line/wait in NYC?

Nobody actually waits in line though, more like ladies who their name down and get some shopping or spa in.

Need dinner rec's for dinner before heading to JFK?

Also I can't resist what is this 2007. Please forgive me, I did my best to be helpful in my previous post.

Need dinner rec's for dinner before heading to JFK?

Avoid the Capital Grill on Wall Street by the way. Turns into a madhouse (especially Friday). Keen's is the gold standard of scotch in NYC (also mutton, if you like that). Blue Smoke I personally think is overrated. Another option in a similar vein is Craft in Flatiron, they have some nice big bottles of beer to split along with small-batch bourbons. That will be closer to the tunnel for you.

Carnegie or Katz's, and why?

NYC locals go to Carnegie because it is in Midtown and a viable lunch for lawyers, bankers, etc.

You eat that stuff for 25 years and it ends up being what gets ordered for your retirement party (after your 2nd heart attack).

Couple brings crying baby to three star Michelin restaurant.....;

Probably should kick them out. The question is what happens then, which illustrates a few problems with the 3-star Michelin model.

Because of the restricted supply and razor-thin margins you get draconian cancellation policies. Add that to a good amount of aspirational dining, which means you have a lot less social pressure (vs. being a repeat diner) and probably less fear-of-god etiquette drilled into you and people do crazy things. Ideally the onus would then be on the (expensive) restaurant to help you out in a bad situation. But again, because of the massive value they have to offer to be competitive and the less repeat nature of the custom the restaurant won't do it. And you get a horrific experience for one party and the general stress of having something appalling like this happen discourages others.

Sao Paulo

I'll be staying in the suburbs with family friends (US expats). Want to take them to dinner as a thank you (and as an excuse to see the best of Sao Paulo, which is supposedly a dining mecca). Any recommendation? This will be in a couple weeks at the end of January if that helps with reservation timing. Probably prefer something with a more traditional menu to a really long tasting. Local flavor would be nice as well if possible.

San Juan--what do you think of these choices?

Marmalade is awesome. Good call to avoid Dragonfly, food is secondary to the lounge scene.

I also highly recommend the unpretentious (bit divey actually) but awesome Punto de Vista (next to the cruise ship terminal). It's run by a food-lover from NJ that does a great skirt steak but also one of the few edible mofungos in San Juan. Margaritas are in plastic cups but are better than anything I have ever been able to make (even with an immersion blender - horrible idea to use one while drinking though).

Sushi restaurant with more than sushi

Only decent thing there are the burgers, and they are overpriced. But when I worked in the area doing delivery at 3:30pm was a lifesaver.

Have you though about sushi dojo? I think they do cooked entrees as well.

Nobu is good and incredibly trendy Japanese but not incredible sushi.


Really? Brinkley's is fun, but its not exactly great food.

Birthday Dinner Ideas

20ish people, all in their early-mid 20s. Ideally 30s or lower to make post-dinner activities convenient, but either East or West is fine.

Looking for great food, good group seating/service and good beverage options. Doesn't need to be very avant-garde with prep or an overly trendy scene, although some celebratory ambiance and a crowd skewing younger would be nice if we aren't in a private room. Would also consider a large-party dish like the bo ssam at momofuku.

Keen's is one of my favorite restaurants in NYC and an easy fallback but there might be a vegetarian or two and while I'm content to drink scotch, some of the girls want a bit more wine variety.