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Cooper City,West Broward

I don't know the food scene down there as well as I used to (grew up in Pines, moved to Delray), but can give a couple suggestions.

First, my family's go-to special occasion place (it's in Cooper City!) - La Brochette -
This place, in terms of food and service is amazing. Make sure to try one of the specials, they are always changing and are always good.

If they're not from Miami (where this has been around a bit), 100 Montaditos just opened at Pines and Hiatus. I've been to Spain, and their bitesize sandwiches reminds me of it so much. Also, Mahou and Tinto de Verano.:)

If they like Japanese, Marumi isn't that far of a drive. It's on Sunrise, about 2 blocks east of Pine Island.

Suggestions between 95/595/Turnpike and Bank Atlantic Center

Marumi in Plantation :)

Very pleasanly surprised! Sushi in Pembroke Pines

I've been going there for 20 years now (my parents swear I started on sushi there at 3). It's always been good.

"Fast Casual" Greek / Kebabs / Skewers / Gyro / Souvlaki - Boca Raton and Elsewhere

I liked Gyroville. Tasty tazatziki, the grape leaves were yummy... it is basically Chipotle gone Greek, but the owner is actually Greek and it shows in the food. Though it annoys the heck outta me that they pronounce gyro like how gyro-copter would be pronounced. ON PURPOSE. My boyfriend got a job there and was let go quickly, as they hired about 3x the number of people that they actually needed, and they trained him to pronounce it wrong because that's how most of the population thinks it's pronounced.

Marumi Sushi or Yakko San?

I've never been to Yakko San, but I love love love love Marumi. Couldn't recommend it more.

Boca Food Trucks

The boyfriend and I were there last night as well (we were the couple with the albino rat :D ). We had gone to a food truck gathering in Plantation, so he went straight for the burger at the Slow Food Truck. I wasn't sure.. so I wandered around for awhile, and decided to wait in the line at CheeseMe. It was really slow. Even after I ordered, my sandwich took a good 20 minutes until I had it in my hands. I got a buffalo mozz and tomato on texas toast. It was so good... but with the humidity and heat, we called it after that.