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In Search of »Wok-Hay« in London

Thank's a lot for your replies!!
@zuriga1: I've read through some threads already and found a lot of promising recommendations (e.g. top ten in chinatown) Together with New Aroma & Golden Day, Haozhan is on my list.
@PhilD: hopefully my luck is not as elusive as the mysterious Wok-Hay. BTW, because I don't want to bank on plain old dumb luck I've just ordered a decent gas-burner. Maybe I'm able to infuse my dishes with the »breath of my wok« sometimes.
char kuay teow sound promising. Together with beef chow fun this dish is mostly mentioned as an example for the dry stir-fry technique. Maybe flat rice noodles are particularly dedicated to adopt the wok qi. So I definitely will give the Sedan a try.

Jul 05, 2011
chiliflake in U.K./Ireland

In Search of »Wok-Hay« in London

Since I've read about this very special taste of great stir-fry's in Grace Young's book »The Breath of a Wok« I'm in search of it. But really not sure if I ever had the pleasure of experiencing it. In Hamburg, where I'm from, you can get good tasting stir-fry's - but I'm afraid lacking this highly prized flavor. So, because I'm staying a few days in London next week I wonder if someone can recommend a place where the (cantonese?) chefs fire up their woks properly and where there dishes are famous for haveing plenty of »wok-hay« - what ever that might be. Thanks in advance!


Jul 03, 2011
chiliflake in U.K./Ireland