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LobsterQ not so great

I was disappointed. I had read up a bit looking for places with decent BBQ, and this was surprisingly cropping up, so we went and ordered two platters ($13.99 each), one rib platter and one pulled pork platter.

I was concerned when the waitress was unsure if they had sold out of ribs (it was a Saturday) and then came back and said, "oh good, they've just taken some out of the steamer". The steamer? This is supposed to be wood-smoked dry rub, at least that's what I thought they said.

Both portions were underwhelming (4 ribs, 1.5 cups pulled pork maybe), but the pulled pork was especially disappointing. The steamer was obvious because the pulled pork, aside from having little flavor, was wet. The ribs were much better, but also a bit wet. I could live with the ribs, but the pulled pork was an absolute waste of money.

Other little things good and bad - cornbread was delicious. I normally don't even bother with cornbread, but this stuff was great. Service sucked, on the other hand.

On the way out, the owner asked how we liked it, and I said that I didn't like the pulled pork, I thought it was very wet. He said yes, it is wet, but you know what? Our ribs are A-One. Like he knows the pork was bad. He said "but you have to agree, they're not sauced up". That's true, they're not. That's great, or would be, except that they were flavorless. And wet does not equate to juicy. Juicy would be fine. Dry from the smoker would be fine, but these were water-wet, from the steamer.

Multiple times he oddly (as if trying to convince himself) referred to himself as "a barbecue guy" but seemed more than willing to throw his pulled pork under the bus, and try to move my attention to his ribs. I said I wasn't complaining about the ribs, it was the pulled pork I didn't like, and I was thinking, if he's so aware that the pulled pork sucks, why is it on the menu?

I don't think I'm going back. Sad, one of life's little disappointments.

Nov 12, 2011
fudie in Northern New England

Sweet Retreat Bakery in Manchester

My initial experience was bad. I saw online that they had bagels and muffins and cookies, so I went in (I work nearby). Always on the lookout for a good bagel, and a good oatmeal raisin cookie. Online they list bagels as $0.95, cookies as $1.75. In reality, the bagels were $2 each.

The only bagels I could see were on top of the counter in a basket, plain and asiago. They also had oatmeal raisin cookies in the display. The cookie had great texture, but was actually nearly flavorless, so I won't get one of those again.

The bagels, as I found out when I rang up, were $2.00, not the $0.95 on the website, and mine tasted old. It certainly wasn't baked that day, and I'd venture to say it wasn't baked the previous day either - tasted more like 2 or 3 days old. That's the highest price I've seen for a bagel, so I'd expect it to be fresh, particularly in a bakery of all places.

I have to say that the muffins looked good, but I wasn't there to buy muffins, and the two products I did buy disappointed, particularly the bagels. Overpriced and mediocre. Further, I emailed their "contact" page, and gave it a couple of days before I posted, but no response. I won't be in a hurry to give them more business. I might try a muffin at some point, but I wouldn't ever buy a bagel again, not at those prices.

Jun 30, 2011
fudie in Northern New England