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Chef Geoff's - mmm or meh?

I second the "meh" response from mostly everyone for Chef Geoff's..although I do have to say that I ate there for a graduation dinner with my boyfriend's sisters and parents, who are all relatively picky ,and I think it was a good selection for the picky eater. I wasn't particularly impressed with the food though.

I also second the Firefly recommendation-its one of my favorites in DC for a group event-and Central is a great choice as well and still also located in the Metro Center/Federal Center area. Also in the area-Bistro D'oc..I still haven't been there, but the menu has looked appealing and the atmosphere looks great in walking by.

Old City Dinner Recommendations

I'm helping to plan a bachelorette party for about 6 people and we're looking for a mid-priced restaurant (somewhere between $30-40/person for dinner, not including drinks) thats good for special occasions, has a fun yet nicer atmosphere, and is located in Old City near the Holiday Inn.

So far I have the following on my list for suggestions: Farmacia, Zahav, Kanella and Armada...any other recommendations?

Jun 29, 2011
Stuarcm in Philadelphia