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Know anything about Kickass Cupcakes, Somerville?

Well, you're in luck -- When Pigs Fly is opening a bakery next door.

Know anything about Kickass Cupcakes, Somerville?

The difference is something about the ratio of flour to fats. Also, muffin batter is sensitive to over mixing while cake batter is not.

Sage Tasting Menu...Grand

I'm a pescetarian, and your descriptions still made me just about die from longing. This was the first place I tried to reserve for restaurant week and there were absolutely NO reservations available on OpenTable! I'm wondering if a call would make a difference.

visiting Blue Ginger tonight -- entree recs?

My aunt is visiting from out of town and wanted to go to Blue Ginger, so we've got reservations for tonight. I know that the place has received mixed reviews on this board, but we are definitely going, so I am looking more for recommendations as to which apps and entrees are the best choices. I was curious about the butterfish, but I have seen so many varying reviews that I am a bit wary. Aside from that, I am wavering between the following:

Mom’s Famous Three Vinegar Sautéed Organic Shrimp
with Roasted Garlic Fingerling Mashed Potatoes and Spicy Asparagus Salad


Crispy Skin Red Snapper with Sweet Corn-Ginger Sauce
with Makrut Lime Salsa Verde and Fresh Cilantro-House Pickled Ginger Salad

I am a pescetarian (seafood and veg only), so no recs are needed beyond your experiences with the seafood and vegetable dishes.


Cappuccino in the North End ?

Agreed with many others -- Cafe Vittoria is the only place I'll get a capuccino.

How are the tofu burritos at Boca Grande?

I saw an ad in the Weekly Dig saying that Boca Grande is now offering tofu burritos and homemade tamales. Has anyone tried either of these? What variety are the tamales?

Attire for North End Restaurants

This is probably after the fact, but for what it's worth, I had two friends in from out of town in the exact same position, and we all ate at Trattoria il Panino in t-shirts with no problem. (And it was especially nice for the outdoor patio!)

Gelato in the North End

I love the grapefruit as well at Gelateria, along with the green apple. It tastes like actual FRUIT instead of green apple flavoring.

Quebrada Bakery

I love the pecan rolls too, along with the croissants (the warm cheese ones are my favorite), and well, just about everything else.

Opening date for Addis in Cambridge?

Any ideas of an opening date for the new location of Addis Red Sea in Cambridge (on the strip of Mass Ave between Harvard and Porter)? I'm dying for it to open, but so far the sign just says "Coming Soon."

the creamiest soft serve

The Chilly Cow in Arlington Center has some of the best damn soft serve around. So rich I couldn't even finish my serving.

Recipes You've Never Heard of Outside Your Family

This sort of makes me think of another staple in my house growing up, which was Spam Spaghetti. It was created when I developed an allergy to tomatoes, and it involved spaghetti with chopped, fried Spam; green peas; and bottled Italian salad dressing.

I remember the time that we had an Italian friend from my dad's office over for dinner and my mom spent the day slaving over a homemade tomato sauce. She was so disappointed when the dish that got rave reviews from our friend was the Spam Spaghetti she'd made as my alternative!

Apr 29, 2007
iheartveggies in Home Cooking

Recipes You've Never Heard of Outside Your Family

A staple for special occasions in my house was "Protein Salad."

Orange Jell-O powder
Cool Whip
cottage cheese
drained, crushed pineapple
canned mandarin oranges

This was the only way I would eat cottage cheese (and still is) and is a food I still think of fondly.

Apr 29, 2007
iheartveggies in Home Cooking

Best Sandwich Shops in Boston That Are Open for Dinner?

The Parish is great and has lots of selection.

Looking for an incredible salad in Cambridge/Somerville

Cafe Anatolia has great salads. Their menu is available through

Parish Café to Porter Exchange

I so hope that this is true! I lvoe the Parish, and I feel like Porter could use something like this. Christopher's is really the only restaurant with a bar in Porter itself and another option classier than the Wok 'n' Roll would be great.

Where to get golgappa?

I know it's traditionally a street food, but does anyone know of any restaurants around where one can get golgappa?

The Pajama Brunch at the 647 Tremont St. Restaurant

I'm with you! I'm a little disappointed to find out that it's just the staff, as I'd been making plans to go sometime in my own PJs. Bummer.

MC2 recs.?

I don't have a specific recommendation, but I will vouch for the fact that some of their food is delicious. I went their for the buffet on Thanksgiving, and my friends and I all found it to be great. There was delicious fish, and the vegetables were impeccably done -- flavorful, but not overwrought. The desserts weren't exceptional, but everything else was tasty. The service was also average. At times the server was very attentive, but then it was like he just disappeared.

In Search of Soup Today! (Cambridge/Somerville/Winchester)

I haven't personally tried it, but I've heard rave reviews about the chicken soup at Tacos Lupita on Elm St. in Somerville.

Cambridge Common

The sweet potato fries and fried pickles are my favorites in the area, although my friends love the spicy fries and the restaurant just earned the best tots according to Stuff at Night. The salads are really good here as well.

dinner in Arlington, MA

Za. Awesome gourmet pizzas in an upscale but not outrageous environment.

Independent doughnut shops in Boston or nearby?

Ah, never mind, found it in the posts below. I had no idea that Gail Ann's served donuts!

Independent doughnut shops in Boston or nearby?

What is the other donut shop in Arlington Center? I've lived and worked around there for a couple years and had no idea...

Favorite fries?

If you're willing to pay a bit more, the fries at Spire are honesttogod, the best ones I've ever eaten in my entire life. Like, I think I moaned just a little bit every time I took a bite. Perfectly salted and herbed, little bits of onion and whatnot sprinkled around. Go, go get some now! And bring me some back!

Source for fresh lemon verbena in Cambridge/Somerville?

Have you checked Whole Foods?

Zocalo in Brighton- Suggestions?

the avocado enchiladas are delicious.

Looking for excellent falafel, hummus, gyros and moussaka!


Breakfast place??

I would add to the "across the river" options, Johnny D's awesome brunch, as well as the new brunch available at Redbones.

Breakfast place??

Mmmm, the Trident breakfast burrito is so good. Very fresh ingredients.