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Restaurants near the Rai

Hi everyone,

I'm visiting Amsterdam in a few days, and need to make a reservation for a restaurant for dinner near the Rai Amsterdam where I'm attending the conference (within a 20 minute walk is OK)

We'd like a reasonably relaxed atmosphere, moderately priced, and excellent food -- Dutch or indonesian influenced would be excellent -- would prefer to avoid things like sushi and chinese food. This will be for about 6 people.

If the restaurant has a website with an English menu, that would be a great bonus!


Jun 24, 2013
muzio in Europe

Seafood Feasts for One?

We are visiting Seattle this weekend, and the BF was really looking forward to a seafood feast -- like the ones served at the Crab Pot with lots of variety. Unfortunately, we discovered a minimum of 2 orders are required.... and I don't eat fish/seafood. And he probably won't eat two orders worth.

So. Is there anywhere (preferably walking distance from downtown) that we can find a seafood feast for designed for one person?

Thanks in advance!

May 31, 2012
muzio in Greater Seattle

Tell me your favorite downtown Edmonton lunch spots!

I've been working downtown for two weeks, tomorrow is my last day, so I need one last lunch spot!

So far, I've been to: Chicken for Lunch, Tres Carnales, V Sandwiches, Fantasia, Mrkt, Hawkeye's, Sunterra, and Fo Guang Tea House.

I'm trying to hit places with special lunch menus or only open at lunch. Somewhere within a 10 minute walkable from Enterprise Square is ideal :)

Thanks for your suggestions!


Jan 26, 2012
muzio in Prairie Provinces

Ethiopian Food in Edmonton

You guys nailed it suggestion Viphalay for our Thai night, and now our Foodie Meetup Group wants to have an Ethiopian food night. What would you folks suggest for a restaurant that takes reservations, is fairly centrally located, and has parking?

Also, can most places adjust the spice of their dishes to accommodate members who can't handle much heat?

Thanks again!

Jul 27, 2011
muzio in Prairie Provinces

Looking for Great Thai Food (Edmonton)

We're going to try Viphalay! Thanks for the recommendations... I'll let you know how it goes!

Jul 09, 2011
muzio in Prairie Provinces

Looking for Great Thai Food (Edmonton)

Thanks for the replies everyone!

Regarding the group... we're brand new as of the end of June. Our next event will be at Corso 32 and then a get together at Taste of Edmonton. We use the Meet-Up website: Feel free to join us... It's always great to get more foodies together!

I asked the group about Thai Orchid but it seems like many have been, so I'll put forward Viphalay

Thanks again!

Jul 06, 2011
muzio in Prairie Provinces

Looking for Great Thai Food (Edmonton)

I'd like to organize a Thai dinner at some point for the Edmonton Foodie Meetup Group.

What Thai restaurants in Edmonton are the tastiest (and can accommodate a small group of ≤10 people)? Easy parking is a definite plus as well!

Jun 28, 2011
muzio in Prairie Provinces