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Looking for Fresh ramen noodles, Miami/ft lauderdale

Anyone know where I might find fresh ramen noodles in dade or broward? Have everything for my first tonkatsu attempt, but not confident in my noodle making ability. Thank you in advance...

Korean Market where did it go? the market that made fresh kimchi. MIA - Ft Lauderdale

Thank you guys! i appreciate the help...

Korean Market where did it go? the market that made fresh kimchi. MIA - Ft Lauderdale

it wasnt orientalmart, but i will have to give it a try.

do you know if they make the kimchi there at the store?

the location i was going to made it there in the back back of the store, it was a pretty big shopping center as far as asian grocery stores go.

they too had a huge assortment of kimchi in gallon tubs for about $10 for the cabbage kimchi

Korean Market where did it go? the market that made fresh kimchi. MIA - Ft Lauderdale

there was a "huge" Korean market that was off of the Florida turnpike, pines and 441 area.

they made fresh, tubs/jars of kimchi.

does anybody know if they moved?
or are they done?


does anybody know where i can find them, or another location that makes fresh kimchi?

i miss the large amounts of fresh homemade kimchi and the price was GREAT!

Thanks in advance.

In Arlington Texas a few days looking for an Ethiopian Restaurant/Grocer...

yep, i used to live out here and had several ethiopian friends (they too moved to DC).
i got spoiled in there home.
i can make some of the dishes but its not the same.
Miami opened up a restaurant that was EXCELLENT, but it lasted less than a year.
back in town for a few days and i must have a fix and take back ingredients.
if your el ray de tacos serves menudo, i might be able to take care of two must haves while im here... i really appreciate the info. still sounds far but it might be worth the drive if nothing comes up here in Arlington...thanks again.

Dec 15, 2010
dbellas in Dallas - Fort Worth

In Arlington Texas a few days looking for an Ethiopian Restaurant/Grocer...

dont mind driving for this.
DFW area preffered, there is no as in none nada Ethiopian restaurantsin Miami (someone should consider opening one up ...hint hint).. we have been craving fresh injera, doro wat kitfo man my mouth is watering just thinking about that wonderful berbera gravy drooling on my keyboard...anyway, yeah would drive a pretty good distance for restaurant and if anybody knows where i can find a ethiopian grocer i would appreciate.

a while back there was a "queen of sheba", not sure if it still exists or if there is better/CLOSER to Arlington.
thank you in advance...

Dec 15, 2010
dbellas in Dallas - Fort Worth

In Arlington Texas a few days looking for great Menudo.

Hello, any help would be appreciated, looking for Arlington Area authentic Menudo.
can wait till weekend when Menudo is usually offered, but hoping for now, yesterday, instant gratification. Thank you in advance..

Dec 15, 2010
dbellas in Dallas - Fort Worth

In Arlington Texas a few days looking for a good` Chinese/Thai/Japanese Buffet ...

`hello, the kids were hoping to get in a night at an Asian Buffet ( Chinese/Thai/Japanese etc.)
with good variety.
Family friendly, that wont break the bank....there will be several families this night and with all the kids, buffet will be the way to go...we hope.
Thank you in advance...

Dec 15, 2010
dbellas in Dallas - Fort Worth

Hello, does anybody know where can I buy fresh Sea Urchin Roe (uni) in Miami area (retail)?

thank you sir!!! i really appreciate all the help....

Hello, does anybody know where can I buy fresh Sea Urchin Roe (uni) in Miami area (retail)?

where 79th? i appreciate the help...
thank you!

Hello, does anybody know where can I buy fresh Sea Urchin Roe (uni) in Miami area (retail)?

Hello, does anybody know where can I buy fresh sea urchin roe (UNI) in Miami area (retail)?

any ideas where or suggestions is appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help...


looks like these guys sell Haggis.
Cameron's British Foods Inc
928 N.E. 24th Lane,
Cape Coral, FL 33909
Tel: (239) 772-1554
Fax: (239) 772-2191
Toll Free: (888) 440-0154


Thank You. i will try that. will report back here if they know of any place.


still looking...posted this a year ago... anyone? anyone?
thank you in advance

Miami / Doral Area: Looking for Natural Casing for Home Made Sausage.

yep, went to Patagonia and they wouldnt sell it. niether would the last owners.
Grazianos on Bird Rd. sells it. but their price has tripled in the last few months.
what i used to buy for $10. they now want $34.

might have to check out Emil's that looks interesting....

Thank you guys for your help and suggestions.

Miami / Doral Area: Looking for Natural Casing for Home Made Sausage.

Hello, Looking for Natural Casing for Home Made Sausage.
The place i buy or bought it from, will only sell in bulk now. not looking to make 7 gozillion tons of sausage, were a rather small family.
Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Live in Doral but would not mind a short drive.
Thank You in advance.


Hello, anyone know where i might find Haggis in Miami or near by?
any suggestions for a similar treat would be appreciated.
thank you in advance!

Miami street food, anyone know where?

thank you for your reply, i will try them, i appreciate the tip.
but yes, we are looking for "street food".
any chance you might know where any carts or stands might be?

Oct 11, 2008
dbellas in Florida

Miami street food, anyone know where?

Hello, im looking for “street food”, again.
Asked a few months ago and got some GREAT responses.
Anyone come across any new locations?
Miami is seriously hurting for a “China town” type environment.
Thank you for your input.

Oct 01, 2008
dbellas in Florida

Doral area South Florida Breakfast 'Diner Style"

Hello, looking for "Diner Style" Breakfast.. Anyone know where we can find Diner style/southern breakfast?
any tips would be appreciated.

Sep 22, 2007
dbellas in Florida

Best Mexican Restaurant in Miami

whoops, i think my last post was removed.... i wasnt too harsh was i?


Mialebven, sorry, i posted a long winded response about the flea market eats and it must have been removed. let me know if you go, i hope your experience is more enjoyable than mine. would love to go shop the farmers market there and have a stack of fresh tortillas , a nice bowl of menudo and a variety of yummy tacos.
good luck w/ all that. i will go one of these days and check it out for myself if i dont see anyone responding w/ their experience.
remember those flyswatters they sold at the texas state fair?
those huge swatters bigger than a tennis raquet???
carry one along w/ you..... next time your down in Houston, say het to my buddies in the woodlands..... chow

Best Mexican Restaurant in Miami

i will try it...thanks for the tip. i did find a place a while back while looking for menudo...its in the flea market/farmers market in homestead.
the tortillas were good but the food was nasty. not to mention the cooking conditions... i have no problems eating street food..ive done it from mexico to thailand and places between...but this place was gross and the food nasty.....but hey, fresh tortillas....

so far, the best "Mexican food" is coming from my kitchen.

where in Texas you from Euless here..aka "useless".
i'// post back w/ my Hondura Maya Restaurant experience...

Best Mexican Restaurant in Miami

i was wondering... although im miami now, i lived in Texas for over 30 years, so i have been a round Excellent Mexican food most of my life... my question to you guys is this..

does any of these Mexican restaurants make the tortillas fresh to order? i kill for fresh tortillas....

looking for genuine "Made in Korea" fish sauce

i buy the kimchee base at the asian market on colonial drive. $19.95 a bottle.
its thick as ketchup. i also buy there the korean chili powder.
i have made it several times and each time had different results.
i use nappa cabage and sometime use both nappa and regular cabbage mixed together. i also put in green onions. tear or cut up into bite size pieces
the tricky part is the brining. i found that if you use table salt or kosher salt, dont brine for more than 1 hr. sea salt like they use does not dissolve as quick so the cabbage can go longer in the brine.
after brine rinse like crazy.
i mix it in small batches in a large tuppaware bowl.
i put a layer of brined cabbage sprinkle chili powder drizzle kimchee base and toss, add only the amount of kimchee base to coat thin toss in a hand full of cut up scallions or green onions.
i place that batch in large tall ceramic pots like the ones that go in crock pots.
i continue till all cababge and green onions are used up place a plastic wrap over the top. and let sit on
on counter for three days. turning and mixing once in the morning once in evening. then after the 3rd day i place batches in plastic containers w/ snap on lids. DONT OVER STUFF IT WILL SEEP.

thats how i make it and i like it the same as if not more than store bought.

in Korea, they might shoot me for calling what i make Kimchee...
they may call it Kim$hit...

when its abut 3 weeks old, i make a tofu, kimchee and pork casserole that is very good. i have friends that eat alot of Korean Kimchi jjigae or soondubu or chigae ive seen many differejnt spellings for it.

let me know if you make it, i would be intrested in your experience and how you consume it...

Sep 17, 2007
dbellas in Florida

Buying Milk in South Florida

costco, sam or bjs might be your best bet.

Sep 14, 2007
dbellas in Florida

South Beach Restaurant Recommendations for 30 and 60 somethings

Emeril's is a stones throw from there...

i think they opened an Greek..Opas Taverna in Sobe, if so, it might be parents (in there60's) actually danced on the table.... can you say OUZO?
but if your looking for a quiet nite, dont wont be able to hear yourself think.

Sep 14, 2007
dbellas in Florida

looking for genuine "Made in Korea" fish sauce

insurance, just went by the asian market by pho thang yesterday, they carry lots of korean products..they make kim chee there every saturday.... i make my own so i buy the korean chili powder there...might try giving them a call.
(305) 232-2728 the owners communicate well over the phone when your looking for ingredients...if they dont have it they will usually order it.... another shop that is helpfull but not so much over the phone is thai binh 7863 pines blvd.
they special order as well. hope that helps...

how does korean fish sauce compare to the normal fish sauce like nam pla or regular squid brand?

Sep 14, 2007
dbellas in Florida

Filipino Food Truck

i dont know if this helps...but the number on the trucks door is the number to his location.
when i went this weekend he was pretty busy. he told me to swing by the "store" which was located across the only car dealership on biscayne, he said to call the number i saw on the door of his truck, sorry i didnt jot it down. he said he just got the lease so i assumed they were not ready for customers.

Sep 10, 2007
dbellas in Florida

Filipino Food Truck

just went and had both Orale and the filipino food truck...both were Great!

Sep 08, 2007
dbellas in Florida

"STREET FOOD" in or near Miami

ill have to try that, thanks Insurance.

i did just get back from trying the philipino truck and the Orale taco stand...both very yummy, will definately go back to both.
they both had good variety. the orale stand is at a park w/ benches near by, by the time we ere done eating our tacos, there was a line w/ no less than 25 people....

robert is here has the best shakes i have ever had....
knaus berry farm comes in second.
roberts has great quality fruit and veggies as well as honey and hot sauces.
he makes a hot sauce that is hotter than h$11.

Robert Is Here Fruit Stand
Address: 19200 SW 344th St, Homestead, FL 33034
Phone: (305) 246-1592

thank you Yomyb and insurance for your tips....

anyone else know where i can get some good street food?

Sep 08, 2007
dbellas in Florida