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The best dining in the Marais?

Thank you everyone for your great ideas.

We ate at Cafe de Musées, Chez Janou, L' au a Falafel, and Breizh. Tried Le Gaigne but closed on the day I could go. There were several other places as we ate our way through Paris, but for me Cafe de Musées and Chez Janou are worth mentioning. Really wonderful.

Also got a pedicure in the Marias. Didn't think to ask cost as I thought all pedicures fell around the same price. 90 Euro later... My toes are beautiful but really!

It's our last evening but I think I need salad. ;)

Can't wait to return in winter. I'll have to try the other restaurants listed below.

Merci, merci, merci!

Jul 04, 2011
ursulaingrid in France

The best dining in the Marais?

Here and wanting great food. Doesn't have to be fancy or expensive, but that's ok, too. Just want the best of the best. Restaurants and cafes worth the visit. Thanks!!

Jun 26, 2011
ursulaingrid in France