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Group Restaurant Suggestions Needed in Hollywood

I am planning a bachelorette party dinner on a Saturday night, and I really need some restaurant suggestions. We will be staying in Hollywood, so somewhere in the area would be ideal. There will be 15 of us, so we need a place that will take reservations for large groups.

Ideally we would like to spend $30 or less per person (not including drinks). Also, we have some girls in the group that are vegetarians, so a steak house would probably not be a good idea.

I appreciate any referrals.

Jul 28, 2011
Brooke1223 in Los Angeles Area

Need a good date restaurant

I would like to keep everything to under $100. Ideally we could eat dinner and each have a glass of wine for that amount.

Oh, and we are going out tonight at 5:30.

I was dying to try Upstairs 2, but they are closed tonight. Some of the other restaurants are too expensive for the date, but I will definitely be trying them out soon.

Upstairs 2
2311 Cotner Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90064

Jun 26, 2011
Brooke1223 in Los Angeles Area

Need a good date restaurant

I am looking for a restaurant/tapas bar/etc. with good food and a relaxed atmosphere. A place where you could take a date, and spend the evening talking without being hurried out.

I am open to different types of food. Ideally the place would be on the westside.

Your advice would be very appreciated!!

Jun 25, 2011
Brooke1223 in Los Angeles Area