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filipino in pdx?

Named simply Phillipine Cuisine. Located at Ala Food Carts on 10175 SE stark, across from the Wells Fargo... ish. Wife and I split the special which is the pancit (ours came with chicken), 4 lumpia (ground beef n veggies cooked in a pastry; eggroll-y) and 2 bbq skewers. Delicious food. The bbq pork skewers were grilled to moist perfection on a teeeny Weber grill mounted bumper fore on trailer cum food shack. Inside noodles fried pancit style with tender chicken, spiced perfectly. The cooks (married couple, i assume) offered us chili sauce, for the first time, perhaps ever in my life, I declined.
Good flavors, different than asian dishes pdxers are accustomed to. Preposition ending in.

Jun 24, 2011
redrevo in Metro Portland