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New Porthole Restaurant in Portland - anybody been?

Many thanks bobbert - exactly what I wanted to know. Sounds like Porthole is still worth a visit. I've been on the fence about re-visiting Cockeyed Gull. Maybe give it a miss this time...we liked the ice cream place on the island, too. Sounds like the perfect thing after (or before, or instead of) a Peaks bike ride.

New Porthole Restaurant in Portland - anybody been?

Planning a family trip to Portland for the first time in 6 years. I have a very happy memory of breakfast at the Porthole, but I hear it's just opened under new management. Is the breakfast still good?

Also: any reports on Cockeyed Gull on Peaks Island? Enjoyed our dinner there last trip but hear few reports recently. Any other Peaks can't-misses?

Otherwise my list is: Standard Baking / Scratch / Pan Mei Miyake / Duckfat / Bite into Maine truck / Micucci's / Eventide / Fisherman's Grill / Boda.

Any other rec's or additions gratefully welcomed.

Need best recs for must-try ethnic eats in SF for mom & adventurous 10 y.o. eater

OK, City View it is. Thank you! Friday PM I'm planning an excursion to Clement St. On my list are Little Vietnam/Bunn Mi, Burma Superstar maybe, and PPQ Dungeness Island if I can get there. What else should I add?

Need best recs for must-try ethnic eats in SF for mom & adventurous 10 y.o. eater

I am SO sad that Off the Grid doesn't open until the day I leave! I would have changed my flight schedule if I'd known.

Need best recs for must-try ethnic eats in SF for mom & adventurous 10 y.o. eater

Thanks everybody. I'll definitely be at Ferry Plaza on Saturday.

First thing Saturday, though, I'll be on the hunt for dim sum. I understand that Yank Sing seems to be consistently the best, but what if I'm looking for something more reasonable? With Y Ben & Gold Mountain closed, what's the current best dim sum value?

Gold Mountain Restaurant
644 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94133

Yank Sing
49 Stevenson St Ste Stlv, San Francisco, CA 94105

Need best recs for must-try ethnic eats in SF for mom & adventurous 10 y.o. eater

My son and I are headed to SF this weekend (I'm giving two readings, at Omnivore Books and Book Passage at the Ferry Building; my book is the food memoir A Spoonful of Promises). We mean to do some serious hounding and could use your expertise, friends.

We're looking for the inexpensive ethnic eats you can't do without, the food trucks, the holes-in-walls, the portable snacks, the can't-miss bakeries. (Also helpful but optional would be an excellent-value sushi place.)

We will mostly be in the vicinity of the Embarcadero, 16th St Mission, and 24th St Mission BART stops. Hoping to spend an hour or two in Chinatown. Our aim is for them to have to roll us onto the plane heading back to western Massachusetts.

Many, many, many thanks.

T. Susan Chang (cookbook reviewer for NPR & the Boston Globe)

Least bad sushi in Northampton MA?

Thanks to both replies. We ended up going to SooRa just to ascertain whether we were missing something. We weren't. It's such a pleasant, friendly, and well-priced place that I wanted to like it, but the sushi was just not primo fish; not the texture, not the quality, not the size. I guess Osaka remains the local fave, such as it is. Hoping to get out to the Berks sometime to try either Fin or Bizen.

Least bad sushi in Northampton MA?

My family has a serious sushi craving and wanted to know if anyone has thoughts about sushi options in Northampton (or surrounding areas) other than Osaka and Moshi Moshi. I usually go to Osaka, which is fine but I'd love to have better options. Moshi Moshi I've been to once; the fish was not fresh and it was horrendously overpriced besides.

Is SooRa any good? Taipei & Tokyo? is there better sushi possibly farther afield (as far north as Greenfield?)

Looking for straight-ahead, quality sushi and sashimi; not that interested in creative hand rolls etc.

Many thanks.

Waterbury, VT ice cream?

Thanks everybody. We ended up going to Asian Bistro. The quality of the fish was remarkable, I agree. But it was cut the wrong way, so there was that membrane that you're not supposed to get. The rice was not sushi rice! I think it was regular Chinese long-grain rice, and not a trace of rice vinegar. The seaweed salad was over-sweet, the miso soup and salad par for the course.

I thought the prices very reasonable considering that the fish was so high-quality. I just wish there had been equal attention to the other details of the meal.

We went to the Ben & Jerry's mother ship in Waterbury after...took the tour, too. No complaints there.

Asian Bistro
25 Winooski Falls Way, Winooski, VT 05404

Best sushi in Burlington area?

Leaving in a couple hours on the hunt for sushi and can't quite come up with a final judgement--Asian Bistro in Williston? San Sai or Asiana in Burlington? (Stebu in Waterbury is closed). Would love to have more opinions.

Waterbury, VT ice cream?

Many thanks...where in Williston do you recommend for sushi? That's a little less far than going all the way into Burlington for us...

Waterbury, VT ice cream?

Does anyone know of a good ice cream place in Waterbury, VT? We have a tradition of getting sushi and ice cream on my son's half-birthday. It sounds like Stebu Sushi is the place to go, but as for ice cream...?

(Alternatively, a good combination of sushi + ice cream places in Middlebury or around Bethel?...we're staying in Granville on Rt 100.)

Many thanks.

Stebu Sushi
4 S Main St, Waterbury, VT 05676