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What do you want to find in a vacation rental kitchen?

a can opener, a bottle opener, a corkscrew, a strainer.
and everything really, really super clean. ( #1 expectation)

basic kitchen "stuff" is just fine
and some salt (hate having to buy a box of salt) pepper gtinder too?
an automatic shut-off kettle

No mold, nothing slimy in the fridge. no bugs.

Aug 03, 2012
001mum in Cookware

Robinson's Lemon Barley water - where to buy in Toronto?

Susan, there is the Scottish Shop @ Leslie/401 I believe I have seen "British Stuff!" there-maybe give them a call? There is also a Britsh shop in Guelph in one of the malls off
Hwy6 North which turns into Gordon Street. (i think it's where the No Frills is) if you ever take a day trrip out there * give them a call first.(**** well, it was there 2 years ago) :)

I'll try to remember to ask a friend (from England) and then check back with you.

Jun 07, 2012
001mum in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Robinson's Lemon Barley water - where to buy in Toronto?

try this -I have never been there- found it through a web search

Good Luck!

Jun 07, 2012
001mum in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Casual Montreal with toddlers

cold.dry.overcooked,tastless food with inadequate service was our experience
we went there because we had read it was an "institution"
and even these places can fail sometimes
my impression, is just that, my impression and it's valid

we had a great time in Montreal
rain didn't bother us
it's a good city to experience walking trips
everyone was helpful,friendly
we didn't make it a food destination
I am married to someone who believes food is fuel, not fuel is food *unfortunate maybe?
we had lovely meals, just don't remember where...... sorry

on our drive back, we popped in to a ?bakery/cafe I think there are a few in the area
awesome! soup, sandwiches, and we picked up pastries and bread to bring home
again- I don't remember the name :(

Jul 16, 2011
001mum in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Casual Montreal with toddlers

We were in Montreal last fall.
Schwartz's was so horrible. We were speechless.

I wish i could give you better ideas-but i don't remember where we rained the whole time and we just ducked in different places when we were walking or getting off the METRO

you are so right to go before 'BUSY HOURS", and hopefully right after they nap and in good moods.

Jul 16, 2011
001mum in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

What was the worst food you HAD to eat as a kid?

all the horribly overcooked vegetables
a few years agi i discovered organic carrots and love them!(only took me 40 years to finally eat carrots)
biggest memory is broiled tomatoes cut in half with breadcrumbs on the top
Hate hot tomatoes

Jul 13, 2011
001mum in General Topics

Cooking For Our Four Legged Friends...

no pet cooking for me (have enough of a challenge feeding the human family)

pup gets chicken/beef popsicles >I save small gelato cups if they are plastic and add 1/2 broth 1/2 water and freeze>pop out and drop on the lawn as a surprise after a hot day. (don't do it inside) pup LOVES it

blueberries are eagerly taken as training well as apple,carrot and he gets to lick all yogurt containers after we are finshed with them.

I am interesting in trying the baked sweet potatoes with (yuck) liver sprinkles.

oh, and for those times of "sick tummy'>> rice and poached chicken. and daily 1tbs pure pumpkin stirred into dry food.

I've given my cat (when he had a facial abcess and couldn't chew) chicken broth and pureed baby food.
but that wasn't for very long and (again) didn't involve cooking,(unless less than 10 seconds in the mircowave counts!)

Jul 08, 2011
001mum in Not About Food

In search of mild salmon

I too like Steehead . my quick research shows that another name is Rainbow Trout.
or to be more confusing salmon trout. I don't shop at Costco=too much food/too many
lineups for me.
or perhaps it's not a sustainable fish?
does anyone know the best place in TORONTO to buy this fish? how about Diana's
(Lawrence west of Birchmount)?

Jul 03, 2011
001mum in General Topics

Canadians--tell me your favourite recipe from Mom or Grandma

Thank-you, your information is perfect.
I have seen it @ Asian stores & will try it sometime.

I have been using a lot of fennel/anise (I like it raw in salads) this summer.

Jul 03, 2011
001mum in Home Cooking

In search of mild salmon

Thanks! have passed this on to others.
a brief look indicates not all farmed fish is bad
in fact it seems a lot of farmed is good-i just have to do a little memory work
need to find a sub for my salmon choices.

Jul 03, 2011
001mum in General Topics

In search of mild salmon

um, guess I haven't been paying attention to my fish sources.
i grew up with 'REAL' Atlantic salmon
will do some research.
what fish is safe to eat and is not farmed?

Jun 29, 2011
001mum in General Topics

Canadians--tell me your favourite recipe from Mom or Grandma

tell me about star anise
I've read about it a lot lately.

Jun 29, 2011
001mum in Home Cooking

Canadians--tell me your favourite recipe from Mom or Grandma

oh how I would love the toutiere ! and with home made chili sauce! oh la la
now I am so hungry
I remember coming home from school in the fall to the smell of the onions, tomatoes, spices throughout the house.

and I would never ever touch the stuff **GASP**

every Christmas i got one bottle of ketchup in my stocking and it had to last the year.
now the last few years I buy the chili sauce at markets.
It's funny how both of us had/have aunt's who were better bakers than our mums!

maybe this year I will make my own???

once in awhile we would have steak and fry it in that "everyone owns but do we wash it?"
cast iron frying pan (too long to wait for the BBQ )
and then my dad and I would share crispy fried bread-fried in the steak fat and loaded with salt
it was awsome

I spent all my summers in NB- poached salmon (and i don't mean in water- nudge/nudge wink/wink) was a real treat and cooked on a wood stove with newly dug up baby potatoes.

Jun 29, 2011
001mum in Home Cooking

Canadians--tell me your favourite recipe from Mom or Grandma

That reminded me of "Swiss Steak"
inexpensive beef slices with gravy-served with mashed potatoes and carrots.One year when i went to camp in northern New Brunswick, the regular "chef" suddenly quit- and we had that SWISS STEAK FOR 5 NIGHTS IN A ROW!

Jun 28, 2011
001mum in Home Cooking

High Protein/Low Fat/Low Cal Protein Snacks?

find out exactly how much protein you need daily (dietician can help)

Laughing Cow 8% cheese triangles
small travel size can of tuna
2% cottage cheese with fruit and i love it with veggies and a hot sauce
2% milk
eggs (yolk included)
oatmeal made with milk
restrict fruit **** add veggies
don't get hungry
& try not to eat in the evening
ps if you knit you can't eat! lol

Jun 27, 2011
001mum in General Topics

Your Favorite Weight Loss Tricks and Recipes

yup- we are so mean to ourselves when we slip
enjoying good company and to "live in the moment' is a perfect idea.

Jun 27, 2011
001mum in General Topics

In search of mild salmon

I prefer Atlantic salmon
didn't like the "organic"
rainbow trout is a good alternative
try not to buy anything farmed
salmon tastes like salmon (because it is salmon!)-maybe you want something else ?
not sure what you can buy locally
good luck in your search!

Jun 27, 2011
001mum in General Topics

What was the first thing you learned to make?

I have my mum's pastry cutter (she's 93) it has a wooden handle-the green paint has mostly rubbed off,the metal wires are solid and it's "good to go", It's a hand held thing and I love it.
She made terrible pastry! lol Her sister (now 92) still is the pie maker in the family.
Mum was the cake donut maker (that hot fat scares the breathe from me!)
in the donut holes she would hide a piece of date or a cherry

What about birthday cakes with a coin wrapped in foil slipped in before baking?
what a treat to get 25 cents. I was even happy with a dime (and no one ever swallowed them)

Food memories create such a strong emotional reaction.*sometimes good*sometimes not*
I'd say worth writing a thesis ...........

Jun 27, 2011
001mum in Home Cooking

Your Favorite Weight Loss Tricks and Recipes

great thread-just what i was looking for

1)always eat breakfast-include protein from a low fat source i:e: <20% fat cheese

2) oatmeal instant is a long lasting filling food-make with milk instead of H20
Tim Horten's has a terrific oatmeal- available until 11 a.m. fresh fruit on it too!

3) eat low fat protein every 2-3 hours find out how much protein you need in one day and divide it up into 6 meals/snacks

4) skip entrees- eat a broth based soup and an app

5) minimize or cut out all potatoes and pasta (bit of whole wheat pasta is OK) NO FRIES

6) read and understand your food labels

7)chocolate milk is a fast meal when "on the go" and you forget to bring a snack

8)don't get hungry

9)share a dessert

10)Laughing Cow 8% cheese or a small can of tuna with WW crackers (ryvita) is great

11)watch your fruit intake- increase veggies

12)use olive oil

if you slip and eat a high fat meal-just get back on track the next day-so much emotional angst when this happens.

Jun 26, 2011
001mum in General Topics

Canadians--tell me your favourite recipe from Mom or Grandma

Matrimonial cake was from Western Canada, 1930's
but my family is from New Brunswick and there was always date squares at a gathering
Tea loaves are the only other baking I can do
orange loaf,an amazing cherry loaf, cranberry orange-these for the most part I learned from my mum (all those cup and sauces showers when i was a girl!)
but i use the recipes from Company's Coming "Muffins & More" 1983 version
they freeze well, travel well,and look pretty!

Jun 26, 2011
001mum in Home Cooking

What was the first thing you learned to make?

sunnyside up eggs

then baking one egg or a two egg cake for my dad
bless him
he always ate my cakes with the horrible frosting

Jun 24, 2011
001mum in Home Cooking

Visiting Nova Scotia this summer....need some recs

I did a whole post a few hours ago

and lost the whole thing :(

we did the same trip with our boys -about 15 years ago- and had a wonderful trip

they were 8 and 5 at the time

LWAYS eat BEFORE the rush i:e: 1130 a.m. 5:30 p.m.

i admit to staying at White Point (resort) the planked salmon was to-die-for

have no idea what it's like now

we also stayed in Lockport (south shore as well) it was a group of 8 or so cabins right on the shore and did our own cooking. The cabins were new at the time-so have no idea if they are still there or how they have aged.

not far from White Point was a family owned seafood place-small place-fried clams,and other seafood

the ladies in the area made the desserts wow! delivered still warm........

it might have been called Seaside Shack ???? we found out about it from a Nova Scotia book

that did detailed drives and out of the way spots in NS

if i can find it (if i still have it) i'll tell you the name etc. what a great meal we had!!!

this isn't food- but we had a picnic in Cherry Beach-out of the way a wee bit-nature at its best

O not stay in Digby. there is NOTHING there.ZILCH ZERO

sorry if i offend

travel up the South Shore.Shelbourne is nice, as is Lockport, La Have (not sure of the spelling- used to have a great bakery)

we drove out to ?? Hawk/Wreck?? Point- i don't have a NS map in front of me- but that point is the most eastern point of NS-you can find it if you look, adventure driving!

have a cooler for snacks to ward off the 'grumpies"

best bet- find a good book and read it through and highlight what you think is interesting

and be oh so flexible with a 2 year old! people are great and love kids

if i find out anything else from NS relatives I'll post it

Jun 24, 2011
001mum in Atlantic Canada

Canadians--tell me your favourite recipe from Mom or Grandma

I remember the date squares/matrimonial cake (same thing)

way back when-there was no extra money

date squares were used as the wedding cake. (Joy of Cooking recipe)

otherwise it was the roast beef, the chicken, the pork hocks, the meat loaf,the left-overs

you can tell I'm Anglo

I'll eat "ethnic" other than my own background any day of the week!

mind you my maternal "greats" were German so there was always that influence.

Jun 24, 2011
001mum in Home Cooking

Top 10 Signs of a Bad Cook

but bacon is good on/in or with almost anything.

Jun 24, 2011
001mum in Features

cowering in fear

a kevlar glove? most of the time I can't find an oven mitt or the pup has it off in a corner! yum
the mandoline is now in the bottom, never used drawer
I think cooking with limited appliances or conveniences is great. (just not all the time)
My mum made terrific meals on a coleman stove when I was a kid. (mind you I was a hungry kid)
Is there a thread on creative meals while camping?

Jun 23, 2011
001mum in General Topics

cowering in fear

I'm scared of sharp knifes :o
and a few weeks ago
cut off the tip of a finger using one of those
*darn what are they called?*
slidy things that can slice things really, really thin
I thought the onion was big enough that i didn't need the guard


Jun 23, 2011
001mum in General Topics

My Big Fat American Visitors

would Pickle Barrel have met the requirements?

Jun 23, 2011
001mum in Ontario (inc. Toronto)