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Best Instant Coffee

The Clasico is pretty good. Worth the money. I still like Taster's Choice a little better. Using one rounded small white plastic spoon full, the Clasico is a little stronger

Jun 30, 2011
pgoodwin1 in General Topics

Which brands are you loyal to?

Mr Mustard Hot
Jack Daniels Horseradish mustard
Neuman's Own spaghetti sauce
Queen City Sausage. meets and brats
Taster's Choice
Popsicle brand natural juice Popsicles (with sugar)
Edy's and Breyer's chocolate ice cream
Haagen Daz chocolate peanut butter ice cream
Jif creamy
Dunkin' Donuts (cake donuts)
Krispee Kreme (glazed)
Kroger large curd cottage cheese
Smucker's strawberry preserves

Jun 23, 2011
pgoodwin1 in General Topics

Best Instant Coffee

Has anybody tried Superior Coffee - Freeze Dried Coffee?

Also - I just ordered the Clasico from Amazon to try. Thanks for the info. It was way less expensive than the Taster's Choice. - their price is up by > 20% in the last 3 months. In April I got 3 x 10 oz Taster's Choice for $34.22, today it's $40.86. The Clasico was only $15.39 for 2 x 10.5 oz jars

Hope I like it as much as the Taster's Choice

Jun 23, 2011
pgoodwin1 in General Topics