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Kaori Japanese & Korean Restaurant in Richmond Hill - Closed

Does anyone know why it closed?

More importantly, does anyone have suggestions as to where to eat around there when I go to the movies next? I've been to Montana's, Kelsey's, Il Fornello's, and Rifca in the area but they're not that great. I'd prefer sushi places but will greatly appreciate any suggestions!

Thanks in advance!

Pumpkin Butter in Toronto

Thank you all for the suggestions! Muchly appreciated. Baking is so foreign to me that I forgot about all the stores you've suggested!

Pumpkin Butter in Toronto

Hello all,

Does anyone know where to find pumpkin butter in Toronto? A Google search yielded nada, and I called Whole Foods in Yorkville and they said they don't have it. I'm not much of a baker/cook, so I don't want to make it myself in case I mess it up. I just need it to bake some "easy" cookies for a charity bake sale, and was given this recipe based on the fact that it's suppose to be foolproof and a novice baker like myself can't screw up. But it calls for pumpkin butter!


Thanks in advance!

RIP - Bob's Fish & Chips of Richmond Hill

Oh that's horrible news. I tried to go a few times in the past few months but since all the lights were off, I just thought I had missed him since he closes early. This was my favourite fish and chips joint in Richmond Hill. The others just....well....

If someone figures out whether he opened up elsewhere, please post! :)