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Rosario's restaurant? (Ditmars and 38th St., Astoria)

Rosario's La Bella is actually really, really good. My boyfriend and I have been trying all the pizzas in the area lately and this is our favorite. We had the regular (non-Sicilian) recently and it seemed to have a lot of garlic and seasoning on top, in addition to the toppings. Can't wait to try the Sicilian. They also had a pretty robust menu of pasta standards, calzones, zepps, and unique items like sweet potato fries! with marshmallows! This completely knocks Alba's off the list. The only downside is the hours could be longer - they close at 10 pm most nights. Try!

Rosario's Famous La Bella
38-01 Ditmars Blvd, Queens, NY 11105

Jun 22, 2011
emfred in Outer Boroughs