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Family Roadtrip from Boston to DC

May not be far enough out of Boston to make sense, but we sometimes stop at Frankie's of Reidville in Waterbury, CT, just off 84 (assuming you're even going that way). Works great for the kids (there's even popcorn while you're waiting), and we like it as well.

Restaurant Recipe?

Absolutely agree. Worth at least a shot. I still remember years back, when he was still at 21 Federal, being put on the phone with Bob Kinkead and having a conversation about the recipe for his signature pepita-encrusted salmon. It just depends, but it's certainly worth trying the restaurant directly.

Best Bagels

In DC proper, no idea; in Montgomery County, Bethesda Bagels and Goldberg's. All relative, though; haven't found anything as good as NY bagels in the DC area.

Berger Cookies in DC?

I think that Brookeville Supermarket on Connecticut Ave in Cleveland Park may sell them.

If you wanted to have the best Sushi meal in your life near Washington or Baltimore, where would you go?

Sushi Taro's omakase counter. Meets all 3 (provided creative to you doesn't mean weird rolls with too many ingredients).

Looking for quiet dinner spot near Bethesda or F.Hts Metro for 8 old friends to catch up

Or it could be because that, although I had high hopes, it's unfortunately not particularly good. It's been open long enough at this point, I think, that when it opened shouldn't be affecting how busy it is.

CHOW Reviews: Ninja Professional Blender

I just got the BL660, which comes with two additional personal size containers. I certainly have not had the same issue as the reviewer with ice not fully blending. Haven't done much with it besides blending frozen drinks as of yet, but I find that it does that well.

Jul 03, 2013
jonny276 in Cookware


As to some of them, yes, absolutely agree. But I've had several very good meals lately at Farmers, Fishers, and Bakers. And Bangkok Joe's is good as well, though not sure it meets the criteria. Otherwise, I would second Pizzeria Paradiso. Clyde's and J. Pauls are generally decent too.

best sushi within walking distance of Bethesda metro station?

That's good to hear. We went very shortly after it opened, and found the food very mixed (the hamachi in particular was off, and the appetizer cucumber salad was awkward) and the service completely clueless (including not knowing what we were talking about when we asked for some of our nigiri to be w/o wasabi, for our kids).

Question about Komi

I'm not a cumin fan either. Has never been an issue on any visit to Komi.

Best caterers in DC area

Another recommendation for Occasions for a medium/large function. We used them for our wedding and my office now uses them for corporate events. Their food and service has been consistently first rate.


Costco (Pentagon City) sells a passable burrata. Not as good as you'll find at a better Italian restaurant. But it suits our home use just fine.

Buying Brisket for TX BBQ

Costco does have a great butcher. However, for brisket, at least the Pentagon City location only sells the trimmed flat cut. On the other hand, they're where I buy my pork shoulders for smoking (cryovac'd, 2 per pack).

Bethesda suggestions

I have to disagree as well. Though I enjoy each of R. Wiedmaier's other restaurants, I've been enormously disappointed by Mussel Bar. Bland, small mussels. Frozen fries. Highly-priced beer list. Was looking forward to it's opening so much, but have been nothing but disappointed. Also would absolutely steer clear of Rock Bottom, unless you're just there to drink beer. For recommendations, I'd go with Jaleo as mentioned for tapas; Persimmon if you're looking for a nice more expensive meal; Black's Bar & Kitchen for good seafood; Nest for a good, general neighborhood place. Cafe Deluxe is fine too for regular, American food. Haven't been, but sounds like the new Newton's Table is getting some good feedback as well. And Freddy's, for lobster stew and fried clams.

Black's Bar & Kitchen
7750 Woodmont Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20814

Cafe Deluxe
1800 International Dr Ste B, Mc Lean, VA 22102

Shake Shack - Nationals Park

Went last Thursday. Ridiculously long line (almost 1/2 hr). Best I could tell, everything, even the shakes (!) were pre-made, rather than to order. Honey roasted peanut shake was tasty, but not worth the wait. Can't compare it to the DuPont location, as haven't been there.

Foodie 1st anniversary in DC

For your nice dinner out, suggest you also check out Bistro Bis, which is pretty much right around the corner from your hotel.

Bistro Bis
15 E Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001