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Albany, NY - best outdoor dining

Since posting this request I have discovered several interesting places with patios in addition to the following old favorites:

DeJohns on Lark (patio In back; off street)
Browns Brewing in Troy ( patio faces riverfront; view of color changing smokestack is a riot.)
El Mariachi on Hamilton and Swan (patio festive)

Lakeview Inn on Crystal Lake in Avril Park is a short drive from downtown Albany. Very unpretentious, great service and offers a glance at some water . Menu and hours are online and the menu feature standard "supper club" fare. The specials offered in house were another story. Adventurous and delicious.

BFS Mediterranian Restaurant is at 1736 Western Ave. I recommend checking out their website. Their deck overlooks "scenic" Western Avenue but is well protected by shrubs and at sunset after rush hour you can imagine the traffic is just water lapping on an ocean shore....well, maybe not but it was fine. The food and service were thoughtfully delivered. Fun. Well worth the journey.

Albany, NY - best outdoor dining

Summer is for outside dining! Please recommend your favorite restaurants with dinner service that offer open air dining in the Capital Region. A little drive is OK especially on a hot summer night. Thanks.